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6 Handmade Gifts for Cancer Season

A picture of journals laid out on a table with text over top that reads: "Gift Guide, Cancer Season, by Elaine"

June 21st 2024 – July 22nd 2024
The start of Cancer season aligns with the Summer Solstice-Summer is officially here! With the hard shell of the crab, Cancer natives find their roots in home, memory, and emotions. As a water sign, Cancer natives have an affinity for nurturance, protection, and leadership; melding people into family units just as water represents the moistening and cohering principle that binds and connects all forms of nature. Always ready to host, and set a table, they are good at reading the emotional tone in a room because of their protective instinct to side-step and observe situations before opening up completely.

Give the Cancer in your life gifts to suit their intuitive, nurturing, and protective energy!

A square cut of wood, framed in the same color wood has the surface of the moon carved into it.


Handmade in Kentucky, USA
by Scott
at WoodGrainTerrain

Cancer is ruled by the moon, giving them a sensitive, wear their heart on their sleeve kind of love.

The moon was thought to be the protector of the earth, reflecting the strong and divine rays of the Sun and blocking asteroids! Scott is also able to custom cut other planetary surfaces as well.

A Silver wire wrapped Moonstone pendant on a silver chain


Handmade in UK, England
by Virginia at Raeyn Crafts

Moonstone is the birthstone for those born in June and symbolizes new beginnings, feminine energy, and emotional balance.

Other Cancer birthstones include Emerald, Ruby, and Pearl. Check out Virginia’s other wire wrapped jewelry for more.

A framed wedding portrait in graphite pencil with a colored pencil drawn flower bouquet


Handmade in Montana, USA
by Elaine Fraticelli

The perfect gift for the home-centered Crab. Send in a personal photo and have it transformed into a personal piece of art for your bedroom, office, or living area.

Gift cards are also available so your Cancer can send in their own special photo.

A handmade walnut wooden plate on the edge of a grey table


Handmade in Illinois, USA
by Jennifer at Knotty Dog Craftworks 

To add more to the Cancer’s home, consider these handmade, hollowed and smoothed walnut wooden plates – simple, elegant, and useful.

These plates are hand wash only. The finish is a simple combination of shellac and boiled linseed oil – other finishes available upon request. 

Thin Journals laid diagonally on a table with various illustrations on the covers.


Handmade in California, USA
by Jessica at The Chrysalis Imagery

Give your emotional Cancer a place to work out their emotions, flow through work tasks, or organize their random thoughts with these journals.

This Cultivation Journal reminds us to nurture the things that we believe in.  Inspirational words and imagery to keep us planting seeds of intentionality while tending to our dreams & goals.

A circle of brown crocheted mice on a purple piece of cloth


Handmade in Germany
by Alex at
Handmade Hearts

Finally, let’s not forget the best or the worst homemakers, our pets.

These brown crocheted mice shaped toys have a small pouch of cat nip inside them for your Cancer’s feline friends. They are sold by the individual mouse, will last for years, and are handmade with love.

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