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Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: NuanenOrúm

Tyler Drakonia has experience in a variety of mediums, such as acrylics and sewing, but is currently working as an apprentice goldsmith. In their shop, NuanenOrúm, you can find the jewelry that they make at the academy and in their spare time.

5 Handmade Gifts for Virgo Season

Find 6 handmade gifts for Virgo season with this guide of incredible handmade products from our Artisan-Members.

Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: Riverside Refuge Studios

Riverside Refuge Studios is a shop just getting started by Lee Cattarin and hir wife, Brooke. Lee is a hobbyist who dabbles in a variety of creative projects, from bookbinding to printmaking to embroidery, and any other craft ze can get hir hands on.

Our Phase I Beta Marketplace Launches Today a Blog post by Valerie , with screenshot of homepage of website on Shopify

Our Phase I Beta Marketplace Launch

In this post, the Tech Team is announcing the launch of our first pilot Shopify marketplace, which is a controlled test using our artisan fundraiser items. Introducing our Phase I Beta Marketplace!