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To the left, it says "A Day in the Life of the Coop" with "Blog post by Aggie" underneath and the Coop logo under that. To the right is a photo of a white desk with a jar of black pencils in it, a mug on a coaster, a keyboard, a notebook, headphones, and some leaves.

A Day in the Life of the Coop

A day in the life of Artisans Cooperative is bustling with work and fun! One of the strengths of our cooperative is that we are people powered. Dozens of people and hundreds of days come together to make this machine run. We wanted to follow a few Coop team members and map their days to gain a better understanding of how the Coop fits into their lives and how their work fits into the Coop!

Feature image for artisan profile on Brent Joly of BJ Woven with woven sculpture in 2D

Artisans Profile: Brent Joly of BJ Woven

Spotting one of Brent Joly’s woven sculptures (BJ Woven) twirling around outdoors is mesmerizing. Extrapolated from traditional dream catchers, these fantastical cedar and hemp pieces look like organically created portals.

Based in Canada, and using foraged material, Brent has been refining and redesigning the work, as he thinks of it, for more than a decade. We took the opportunity to ask him some questions about his journey into this world of wood, string and organic three-dimensionality.

"Gift Guide: Pisces Season, by Elaine" is written on a light blue background over and image of two arch shaped earrings with black and white koi fish on them

5 Handmade Gifts for Pisces Season

Find 5 handmade gifts for the Pisces in your life with this guide of incredible handmade products from our Artisan Members.

To the right, fireworks in a pitch black sky. To the left, "2023 Year in Review Blog Post by Artisans Cooperative" and the Coop chicken logo

2023 Year in Review

This is our 2023 Year in Review, a look back on our 1st year in business. It’s remarkable to read through what we did, and we hope it can be a blueprint for other cooperatives getting started to see how we went from a vision to a reality in one year.

A small purple raku fired ceramic house behind the words: "Gift Guide: Aquarius Season, by Elaine"

6 Handmade Gifts for Aquarius Season

Find 6 handmade gifts for the Aquarius in your life with this guide of incredible handmade products from our Artisan Members.

Gift Guide: 4 Artisan crafted gifts for children

4 Artisan Crafted Gifts for Children

Hand-crafted products are not just for grownups. There are lots of artisan creations that capture the spunk and spirit of youngsters. Here we’ve collected 4 special items for kids and teens.