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6 Handmade Gifts for Gemini Season

Orange background with Brown text reading "Gift Guide: Taurus Season, by Elaine" on the left and on the right a bright yellow bookmark with gold tassel on a white background.

May 20th 2024 – June 21th 2024
Give the Gemini in your life gifts to suit their curious, intelligent, and spontaneous energy!

As spring heats up, it’s time for Gemini season! A transitional time between spring and the full heat of summer, Gemini is characterized by the two Greek twins, Castor and Pollux, and their two-toned nature. Ruled by Mercury, the fastest traveling planet in our solar system and the one that goes into retrograde the most often, Gemini’s are both erratic and unpredictable, as well as fluid, curious, and analytical. With more assertive, adaptive, and communicative qualities, Gemini’s are almost “pollinators” of the zodiac, as they like to swiftly chase from person to person or topic to topic to weave together endless new connections.

A hand holding a yellow and black crochet bumble bee over a purple blanket background.


Handmade in Oregon, USA
by Rainbow
at Rainbow Ravels

Speaking of the “pollinators” of the zodiac, consider a plush bee as a gift for your Gemini.

Each bee is unique in its size and stuffing density and can be ordered in different colors to suit any spring Gemini’s mood!

A yellow colored rectangular resin pendant covered with traditional silk lace.


Handmade in Massachusetts, USA
by M. Mangan at Lace Couvige

The social and learned Gemini might appreciate a slice of history on a pendant with this Yellow Ipswich Pendant fom Mangan.

Mangan is a specialist in reproductions of historic bobbin laces, and has mounted this sample on a glass pendent. Its handmade silk bobbin lace contrasts elegantly against the yellow background.

Two illustrated capybara figures facing away from each other on top of the zodiac gemini symbol in copper brown.


Handmade in California, USA
by Joy at JoyousJoyfulJoyness

Sticking with the Gemini spring color yellow, and showcasing the Gemini zodiac symbol itself, Joy has created the perfect foil print design for any Gemini’s home.

Joy also does foil prints of the Eastern Zodiac lunar calendar. This is the year of the Green Wood Dragon!

A bright yellow bookmark next to an orange book with yellow cat illustrations on it. The bookmark has wavy arched impressions in it and a yellow tassle.


Handmade in Illinois, USA
by Jennifer at Emaloes Thingys 

These bookmarks just happen to be spring yellow too! Give your curious and knowledgeable Gemini a vibrant reminder of where they are in their latest literary escapade.

Made from polymer clay, these bookmarks are 4 x 1.5 inches (10.16 x 3.81 cm) long with a polyester cord. They also come in many different colors to suit your Gemini’s duo tone, so to speak.

A blue crochet beanie laying flat on a white table.


Handmade in California, USA
by Laurie at Lauries Lovely Loops

Gemini is also represented by blue, and depending on your color wheel – it’s often complementary to spring yellow! Keep your Gemini warm all year with a handmade crochet beanie, especially when spring comes a little later for those in the North.

Two handmade ceramic mugs. The left has a blue glaze and the right has an orange-copper glaze on it.


Handmade in North Carolina, USA
by Erin at
Stella NC Works

Finally, what better for a Gemini than contrasting color mugs. These are handmade with stoneware clay and are perfectly food safe.

Currently in blue and topaz, each mug is approximately 4.5 inches tall, approx. 5 inches wide including the handle, and the mouth opening is approx. 3 inches diameter. Each comfortably holds approx. 17 fluid ounces.

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