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Artisans Profile: Bevz Bagz

Featured image of fabric crossbody bag with vibrant sunflower motif with various views of the exterior and interior of the bag. Photo by Beverly Digiambattista of Bevs Bagz.

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Artisan: Beverly Digiambattista (She/Her)

Shop: Bevz Bagz

Inspired by beautiful fabrics, Beverly Digiambattista creates a variety of uniquely patterned purses and reusable slip covers for hot/cold packs out of her home studio. Her products are made from 100% cotton fabrics, are machine washable, and feature quality zippers and adjustable straps.

Welcome to Artisans Co-op, Beverly!

Artisan Interview

What’s the name of your business, if you use one? Why did you choose it? What do you create/sell?

Bevz Bagz. I sell hot/cold packs and crossbody bags from fun, beautiful cotton fabrics.

How long have you been creating? What made you want to start your business/start selling your art? 

March 2020. I was getting a lot of requests from friends and family for hot/cold packs, and I realized how passionate I was about making them and decided to start a business so I could keep sewing.

What does your creative process look like? If you work with a creative partner, how is it to work together, or do you have different roles in the process?

I am the sole business owner. My husband assists at craft shows. I research products and get ideas I like from here and there, and then create my own versions.

What part of creation do you enjoy the most? (The process, seeing the finished product, seeing people’s reactions to receiving the art/product, etc.)

I love shopping for fabrics, making my products, and seeing how much people enjoy them.

What is your Number One piece of advice for fellow artisans (biggest lesson learned)?

Be real and be honest with customers. I find they respond best to truth rather than just selling my products as if they are the best thing around. I give them the pros and cons and tips on using my hot/cold packs, and tell them they can contact me at any time with questions.

What is your biggest inspiration? 

Beautiful fabrics.

Is there a specific niche or target audience you are trying to reach with your art?

My hot/cold packs are for everyone, young and old alike. My crossbody bags are typically for females.

What do you hope to gain from joining the Artisans Co-op? 

I’ve already become a member and hoping to be part of a group that is passionate about handmade items, which it appears this group is.

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