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Artisan Profiles

Featured image with white crackled ceramic Shinto Moon Bear with rustic backdrop by Lily at Drifting Spirits on the right. To the left, black text on blue background reads: Artisan Profile Lily of Drifting Spirits, blog post by Leenna

Artisan Profile: Lily from Drifting Spirits

You wouldn’t think you’d find serene, playful earth spirits gently lifting your mood as you browse through Drifting Spirits. Call us fanciful, but there’s something beautiful and peaceful about Lily’s ceramic sculptures. Oozing personality, each little sculpture has distinct expressions leaving you with the impression there’s more to them than their beauty.

Artisan Profile: Giddy Hedgehog Graphic Design

We feature Erica (she/her), a woman artisan in Florida who loves to share Swedish language and culture through her beautifully designed, instantly downloadable, printable party goods.

On the left it says, Artisan Profile: Blue Poppy Bath and Body, with, Blog post by Valerie underneath on a pink background, and the Artisans Coop chicken logo below that. To the right is a of a bowl full of handmade chapsticks or lip balms with creative cocktail flavors like Pina Colada or Mai Tai.

Artisan Profile: Blue Poppy Bath & Body

We feature Sheri (she/her), a woman artisan in Wisconsin who loves the creative process of making quality bath, body, and cleaning products from scratch.

On the left it says "Artisan Profile: Cozy Folk" with "blog post by Jeeni" underneath and the Artisans Coop chicken logo below that. To the right is a photo of 4 menstrual pads aligned small to large (L to R) on the ground with rose petals around them.

Artisan Profile: Cozy Folk

We feature an artisan team that honors menstruators with their handmade cloth menstrual pads.

Feature image for artisan profile on Brent Joly of BJ Woven with woven sculpture in 2D

Artisans Profile: Brent Joly of BJ Woven

Spotting one of Brent Joly’s woven sculptures (BJ Woven) twirling around outdoors is mesmerizing. Extrapolated from traditional dream catchers, these fantastical cedar and hemp pieces look like organically created portals.

Based in Canada, and using foraged material, Brent has been refining and redesigning the work, as he thinks of it, for more than a decade. We took the opportunity to ask him some questions about his journey into this world of wood, string and organic three-dimensionality.

Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: NuanenOrúm

Tyler Drakonia has experience in a variety of mediums, such as acrylics and sewing, but is currently working as an apprentice goldsmith. In their shop, NuanenOrúm, you can find the jewelry that they make at the academy and in their spare time.

Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: Riverside Refuge Studios

Riverside Refuge Studios is a shop just getting started by Lee Cattarin and hir wife, Brooke. Lee is a hobbyist who dabbles in a variety of creative projects, from bookbinding to printmaking to embroidery, and any other craft ze can get hir hands on.