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Close up of a person's fingers tracing a floral pattern onto paper craft material.

10 Ways to Support Your Local Artisans

Ever wondered what you could do to help your favorite local artisan beyond telling them you love their stuff? This blog post details 10 ideas to get you started!

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October 20 is National Reuse Day – Let’s Celebrate!

OK, so National Reuse Day isn’t the most festive day of the year–or even the month. Yet October 20, coming shortly before millions of Halloween costumes will be casually tossed in the garbage, is a good day to think about the things in our lives, and how, as artisans and buyers, we can give them a longer useful life.  

A cover graphic. The background image is of an artisan using a sewing machine to work with leather. The graphic reads "The Value of Handmade: Why We Buy"

The Value of Handmade: Why We Buy

We’ll say it: Handmade items are Art. And whether they’re functional items (“applied arts”) or decorative (“fine art”), art touches us more profoundly and deeply than most other things. In this post, we’ll explore why that is in interviews with artisans and supporters.

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Where to Get Custom Commissions

Our favorite place to get commissions is the Looking to Commission channel on our Discord server! If you are looking for an artisan to commission that great idea you had, head over to that little spot and you might discover the collaboration of your dreams!

A photo of a hand drawing a leaf on a pot. The image is overlaid with the text "Confused about Commissions? We're Here to Help! Blog Post by Aggie"

Confused about Commissions? We’re Here to Help!

Commissioning an artwork is the process of connecting a customer looking for something special with an artisan willing to make it. In this post, our artisans share their tips and stories for making a successful custom commission.

Hand dyed combed top in dusky rose and slate blue by Sycamore Fibers

Our Handmade Policy

[UPDATED] With a careful checks-and-balances system of accessible onboarding, consistent labeling, incentivized peer verification, and swift action on community reporting. we believe our draft Handmade Policy will stop bad actors and encourage authentic artisans.

Word Cloud graphic of the most-used words from the handmade survey. Most prominent are POD, Handmade, design, and artisan.

Handmade Survey Results

In this post, we’re sharing the results of our “Handmade Definition Survey” for our handmade cooperative marketplace.