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Word graphic: Handmade Definition Poll: Help us define what handmade means to our cooperative marketplace

Handmade Definition Survey (10-15 Min)

We created a survey to learn your opinions on what kind of artisans and products to include on the Artisans Cooperative handmade marketplace. In this post, we’ll talk about why we developed a “handmade” definition survey, and give the background on how the poll was developed.

Google Trends graph showing a sharp increase in searches for "Etsy Alternatives" in 2022

2022: The Year that Etsy Crafters Started to Revolt

This article, written for the Medium Year in Review, recaps the major transformation of Etsy crafters in 2022, from the fee increase, Etsy Strike, organization of a union and a co-op, and the plan for building a co-op alternative in 2023.

Cover Graphic with the Blog Post's Title Words 3 Ways to Shop Actually Handmade and Image of a Woman Sculpting Pottery With Her Hands

3 Easy Ways to Shop “Actually Handmade” (2023)

We share our best tips and resources for supporting genuine handmade artisans: those millions of creative micro-enterprises who rely on craft for their livelihood: how to filter and search with a critical eye on Etsy, and where to shop Etsy alternative marketplaces and handmade store directories.