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Official Announcements

On the right is an image of a piece of paper with three squares lined up vertically, with the top square having a red check mark. On the left it says "First Board Election Blog post by Artisans Cooperative" with the coops logo of a chicken below.

First Board Election

In January of 2024, Artisans Cooperative is holding our first Board of Directors election. This is a monumental occasion and a tremendous step forward for the ONLY member-owned marketplace for buying handmade goods.

Simple word graphic with a peach background and a dark brown flag that says in pink text, Press Release, with the aRtisans Cooperative logo

Press Release: Announcing the Beta Launch of Artisans Cooperative

Artisans Cooperative has launched a revolutionary new way for buyers and sellers of handmade products worldwide to interact: “a co-op alternative to Etsy.” The marketplace is now open for shoppers looking for authentic handmade goods this holiday season and for artisans looking for a new selling platform.


Hello World! Today we’re opening the doors to Artisans Cooperative – the ONLY member-owned marketplace for buying handmade!

Word graphic with a photo of a person working on a chart on a computer at their desk. Title says Our Data & Points Tracking Plan, Blog Post by Olga

Our Data and Points Tracking Plan

In this post, we’ll share information about our data tracking systems and how they were developed in the event that our membership, broader audience, or other cooperatives (P6 baby!) are interested in learning more about the weeds in which we’ve navigated and the considerations we had at each step.

Join Our Founders Circle Before July 31st

We’re offering special perks – including a lower sales commission – for the first 25-100 artisans to join our Founders Circle. Let’s take back control from big marketplaces together!