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Where to Get Custom Commissions

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Commissioning an artwork is the process of contacting an artisan and paying them to make a custom piece. The piece might be an original character design, a dress in just the right size, or a one-of-a-kind dinner table! Nearly every type of artisanship can be commissioned. There are beautiful, unique things crafted by commission in every corner of the internet!

Visit Our CommissionS Page on Discord

There are many places to go if you want to commission an artwork. Many artisans use Instagram or Reddit to conduct commissions, and there are websites dedicated to facilitating commissions, such as Made May. Our favorite place to get commissions (though we are biased, we must admit) is the Looking to Commission channel on our Discord server! If you are looking for an artisan to commission that great idea you had, head over to that little spot and you might discover the collaboration of your dreams! 

Here’s an example of a successful connection that was made using our Looking to Commission channel.

Customer Valerie had a vintage dress that she adored the fit of, but wanted in a different fabric. She sent out a message on the Commission channel asking if anybody could re-make her dress with new fabrics she picked out on Spoonflower.

Eli N Theory Farm responded saying that they would take on the commission! The two coordinated everything over DMs and the project was a success! Since then, both artisans and customers alike have used the Looking to Commission channel to create wonderful, one-of-a-kind art and handmade crafts!

Support Artisans, Create Beautiful Things

Commissions are a wonderful way to support artisans while getting beautiful, handmade, custom work. When an artisan creates a high-quality commission piece, there is more beauty and individuality in the world.

Commissioning an artisan also allows them to have the time, money, and opportunity to make work outside of commission, all while enabling customers to have gorgeous, unique items in their life.

It’s a win-win situation! It might be daunting to consider all there is to do, but researching the process and deciding on your terms will set you up for success! Now head over to our Discord and make beautiful things together!

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