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To the left, it says "A Day in the Life of the Coop" with "Blog post by Aggie" underneath and the Coop logo under that. To the right is a photo of a white desk with a jar of black pencils in it, a mug on a coaster, a keyboard, a notebook, headphones, and some leaves.

A Day in the Life of the Coop

A day in the life of Artisans Cooperative is bustling with work and fun! One of the strengths of our cooperative is that we are people powered. Dozens of people and hundreds of days come together to make this machine run. We wanted to follow a few Coop team members and map their days to gain a better understanding of how the Coop fits into their lives and how their work fits into the Coop!

Halloween and Samhain pumpkin kami spirit raku sculpture

7 Handmade Gifts for Halloween

Gather ’round, goblins and ghouls! All creatures, supernatural or otherwise, are welcome this Spooky Season. These spooktacular handmade gifts include both tricks and treats to keep in your candy bucket or to share with your coven! Happy Halloween!

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Where to Get Custom Commissions

Our favorite place to get commissions is the Looking to Commission channel on our Discord server! If you are looking for an artisan to commission that great idea you had, head over to that little spot and you might discover the collaboration of your dreams!

A photo of a hand drawing a leaf on a pot. The image is overlaid with the text "Confused about Commissions? We're Here to Help! Blog Post by Aggie"

Confused about Commissions? We’re Here to Help!

Commissioning an artwork is the process of connecting a customer looking for something special with an artisan willing to make it. In this post, our artisans share their tips and stories for making a successful custom commission.

Photo of circular piece of wood with a black dog hand painted on it.

4 Handmade Gifts for Graduation

It is graduation season! After many years of dedicated studying, students are preparing to move onward, armed with the knowledge and experience that they learned in school. These four handmade gifts are perfect for the journeys that new graduates are about to embark on.

The cover of Artisans Co-op zine. The title reads "Artisans Co-op: Who We Are and How to Find Us" the credits read "Zine by Aggie and Lizzy. Illustrations and font by Tired Fox Art".

Print Our New Zine

Our grassroots team designed and produced a zine about Artisans Co-op. It goes over what the co-op is, some reasons why artisans might want to join, and how folks can learn more.