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We Hosted a Reddit AMA on Monday the 10th!

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Our first AMA was a success! Read the questions and answers on Reddit:

We’re hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit on Monday, July 10th, from 6am EST to Midnight EST! Reddit is a social media platform that has topic based channels. A popular channel is r/AMA, a place where Reddit users are able to ask people and organizations whatever questions they have!

Lots of people host AMAs based on their occupations or odd experiences, but organizations often use AMAs to promote their cause and spread positive information. The aim for our AMA is to spread the word about Artisans Co-op, engage with the community, and answer some frequently asked questions (and some not-so-frequently-asked questions!).

Join us Monday, July 10th, from 6am EST to Midnight EST to ask us some questions and hang out! If you have a Reddit account, we’d love your upvotes and questions or comments! Find the AMA in r/AMA, and we will also post a link in our account, r/coopartisans. See you there!

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