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3 Handmade Housewarming Gifts

Photo of a toilet paper holder made from steel, with a dark thick wood shelf on top. A lit candle and soap dispenser sits on top of the shelf.

Housewarming parties are all about celebrating new spaces and new beginnings. With this nifty handmade gift guide, you needn’t worry about showing up empty-handed!


Custom Topographic Map Prints

Photo shows a large black and white topographical map of an island, with the words "Block Island" set below the island, which has a pleasing amount of white space around it. The photo hangs above a  shelf with a pine cone and a fern set in a glass beaker of water.
Image Provided by Topographica

Topographia‘s topographic maps are natural conversation starters. You can choose a National Park, wilderness area, or mountain design, or create a custom print of a cherished place. No matter what, these eye-catching pieces will be a special gift for your friends’ new walls. [Starting at $16]

Wood & Steel Toilet Paper Holder

Photo of a toilet paper holder made from steel, with a dark thick wood shelf on top. A lit candle and soap dispenser sits on top of the shelf.
Image Provided by Gokojo

Sure, your friend likely has a toilet paper holder already. But it certainly isn’t as pretty as this one from Gokojo, and it probably doesn’t have a built-in shelf on top. [$30-40]

Floating Top Table

A photo of a small handmade table. It has four black legs, a gray, wooden top, and a smaller gray shelf. The top floats gently above the legs, utilizing opposing super magnets.
Image Provided by Fabrikisto

Fabrikisto’s Floating Top Side Table is not just the classic “floating top table” – the top really does float, on opposed super-magnets. With a Birds-eye Maple top and Sugar Maple middle and legs, this is a conversation-starter as well as a practical furniture piece. [$350]

Topographia Design began as an exploration to merge founder Elissa’s love of art and graphic design with appreciation for maps and representations of landscapes. Elissa’s work is influenced by a background in studio art, landscape architecture, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and cartography.

Gokojo has been proudly handcrafting furniture and home goods in Chicago since 2013. Gokojo’s designs are sturdy, made of high-quality materials, and are expertly built. Their furniture can be shipped and is easy to assemble at home.

Joe, the artisan at Fabrikisto, boldly states, “I Make Things From Wood.” Creatively combining modern technology with such a traditional material allows him to create warm, beautiful products that are both high-quality and affordable. He handcrafts desks, sculptures, boxes, and whatever strikes his fancy.

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