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7 Handmade Gifts for Halloween

Halloween and Samhain pumpkin kami spirit raku sculpture

Gather ’round, goblins and ghouls! All creatures, supernatural or otherwise, are welcome this Spooky Season. These spooktacular handmade gifts include both tricks and treats to keep in your candy bucket or to share with your coven! Happy Halloween!

Handmade Gift Guide:

HALLOWEEN Tree of Life Sculpture

This candy-like tree of life sculpture is perfect decor for Halloween! From Autumn Phoenix Designs, each piece is made from wire and stone, hand wrapped around a three-inch hoop. It can hang anywhere for a lovely reminder of spooky season!

Halloween Chip Stone Tree of Life Decor - Black Jasper & Orange Quartz Beads. A hand holding this sculpture. The sculpture is of a tree with orange and black stone as the leaves. The wire wraps daintily around a metal hoop, twisting into a small root system, up to a tree trunk, and finally reaches out as branches.
Image provided by Autumn Phoenix Designs


A hand holds this small pottery dish. The dish is round, about four inches across, with a small lip. The dish can hold almost anything. It's food safe and shiny. There is a precise spiderweb design carved into the surface of the dish. The entire dish is a lovely soft sage green, and the web design is a warm dark brown.
Image provided by Stella NC Works

Welcome a delightfully webbed dish into your home! These handmade dishes are made by Stella NC Works. They are incredibly versatile, completely food safe, and perfectly spooky. Give them as a gift or keep them for yourself, you can’t have too many!


A picture of three perfume rollers in a small wooden dish. Each roller contains a perfume that smells like patchouli, cinnamon, and cedarwood. The roller bottles have orange, white, and purple labels on them. The labels read "Witches Brew Perfume Oil" and features the shop name in a pretty cursive font.
Image provided by Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC

Handmade by Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC, each Witch’s Brew Perfume smells like autumn. Patchouli, cinnamon, and cedarwood are fragrant in these easy to use roller perfume bottles. Simply dab on and you’ll smell magical all day!

“TO WARM THE BONES” and “Pumpkins” – BLOCK PRINts

A handcarved block print of a skeleton holding a steaming mug. The print is created with black ink on white paper. The artwork is flowing and interpretive. The skeleton's rib cage fills the frame, a round black mug nuzzled in the boney hands in front of the sternum. Steam curls up from the mug and you can feel the skeleton breathe a bit deeper.
Image provided by Piep Press
A handcarved block print of three pumpkins. The image shows blue ink on white paper. The pumpkins are particularly imperfect. There is lots of movement in the piece. The lines where the tool carved show, bringing a human touch to this lovely piece of art.
Image provided by Piep Press

Even skeletons enjoy a warm drink on a cold October night. Made by Piep Press, these hand-carved block prints embody the spirit of spooky season. These prints feature a skeleton holding a cozy drink close and wonderfully imperfect pumpkins, but there are many beautiful designs available. Don’t miss out on the rest of the cozy bones crew!

Hand Embroidered Ghost Tote

Boo! Petits Morceaux makes these hauntingly cute tote bags. A variety of designs are offered, but this little ghost has captured our hearts this Halloween. Each patch is sewn onto cotton totes. These bags are perfect for trick-or-treating!

A close up of an embroidered patch on a cotton tote bag. The patch shows a small ghost, carefully stitched with it's mouth in a "boo" shape. In small orange letters, the spirit says "boo" in lowercase. He's trying his best. His best is pretty good.
Image provided by Petits Morceaux


Small orange stoneware pumpkin sculpture. Speckled light falls over the little guy. It looks like it's smiling.
Image provided by Drifting Spirits

Handmade by Drifting Spirits, these perfect little pumpkins are waiting for a home! These tiny orange friends are made of stoneware, glazed in non-toxic glaze, and raku fired. Bonus: these little guys last a lot longer than their garden variety cousins!

Autumn Phoenix Designs

My mission is to create things that you find beautiful, because even the simplest thing that brings you happiness can bring a little joy and healing to the heart and soul (and therefore the world!).

Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC

Handmade bath and body products made in small batches using high quality, skin friendly ingredients. I offer a variety of spa and gift sets, soaps, lotions, salts, balms and more. Custom orders welcome.

Drifting Spirits

playing with clay to save the world.
ceramic raku sculptures based on shinto, shamanism, and earthy spirituality.
made with earth, air, fire, water, and a lot of love.

Petits Morceaux

We create unique, handmade pieces from recycled, salvaged and repurposed materials, focusing on paper and fiber arts. Based in the Pittsburgh, PA region.

Piep Press

Prints, Paintings, & Books from a Unique Human

Stella NC Works

Erin Sapre, in Stella, NC, is the potter behind Stella NC Works. Small-batch,  as locally sourced as possible, as recycled and reused as possible, and 100% made by Erin’s hands. Functional pottery and decorative ceramics. 

About Artisans Cooperative

We are growing an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives: a co-op alternative to Etsy.
Shop the marketplace!

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