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4 Handmade Gifts for Graduation

Photo of circular piece of wood with a black dog hand painted on it.

It is graduation season! After many years of dedicated studying, students are preparing to move onward, equipped with the knowledge and experience that they learned in school. These four handmade gifts are perfect for the journeys that new graduates are about to embark on.


Custom Pet portrait Ornaments

Photo of hand holding two circular handmade pet portrait paintings. Each painting is of a dog. One painting features a small white dog, bright eyed and scruffy. The brushwork is expressive. The second painting shows a bigger black dog. The dog has expression on its face as if it's waiting for a treat.
Image Provided by Finchwork

Graduating often means moving away from home, and possibly away from furry friends too. These custom pet portraits are each painted on a wooden disk that is 3.5 inches in diameter. They are made by the handmade shop Finchwork and are carefully hand painted, stained, and sealed for depth and a beautiful finish. Keep these sweet faces close by on your travels with these artworks!

Custom Embroidered Quote Artwork

Photo of a hand embroidered artwork. There are blue flowers and swirling leaves surrounding the text in the center of the circular work. The text reads "don't be so hard on yourself, kid".
Image Provided by Work of Human Hands

Throughout our studies, we collect a myriad of quotes, notes, and song lyrics. These hand-embroidered artworks, made by Work of Human Hands, feature a few words that can hold on to sweet memories or hope for future endeavors! Each hoop is 6 inches in diameter, and the text, type of lettering, and colors can all be chosen by you.

Handwoven CHeckerboard Tote

Photo of a woman holding a tote bag. The woman is standing profile to the camera, tote bag proudly on her shoulder. The woman is running her hand through her hair. The tote bag on her shoulder is beautifully hand woven. It has a checkerboard design, with a variety of purple and blue checks.
Image Provided by Mutzi designs Studio

Whether graduating high school or college, there is always a need for a high quality tote bag! From Mutzi designs Studio, this 100% cotton bag is handwoven, fully lined, and has adjustable straps for ultimate comfort. As well as being a lovely design, the checkerboard pattern also can be used for actual board games. Each tote comes with mother-of-pearl game pieces for fun and function on the go!

Handmade Silver Cedar Branch Necklace

Photo of handmade sterling silver necklace. The necklace is in the shape of a sprig from a cedar tree. The necklace is sitting on a white background.
Image Provided by Silver Cedar Jewelry

Take an inspiration from nature wherever you go. Each one of these necklaces is handmade by Silver Cedar Jewelry. The artisan uses a real cedar sprig to cast a solid sterling-silver necklace that is intricately detailed on every side. Every necklace is unique and makes a wonderful gift to accompany you on your post-graduation adventures!


Finchwork is a handmade business based in Florida. Their work consists of photography, sculpture, and painting, and all focus on a theme of nature.

Work of Human Hands

Work of Human Hands is a handmade shop that sells one-of-a-kind rosaries, paintings, drawings, and ornaments.

Mutzi Designs Studio

Mutzi Designs Studio is a handmade business that sells home textiles, accessories, shawls, and leather goods.

Silver Cedar Jewelry

Silver Cedar Jewelry has been making silver and gold jewelry for over 30 years. Much of their work is inspired by nature and uses recycled materials.

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