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6 Handmade Gifts for Taurus Season

Green text over an olive green and brown mirrored and pressed chromatogram that read "Gift Guide: Taurus Season, by Elaine" with the chicken logo at the bottom.

April 20th 2024 – May 20th 2024
Give the Taurus in your life gifts to suit their steady, luxurious, and nourishing energy!

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which is associated with sensual pleasures, meaning they tend to be oriented toward contemplation and engagement with inner awareness. Taurus is an earth sign, showing strength and dedication to the game in order to reap the luxurious rewards versus Aries who loves to play for the sake of it. Taurus marks mid-spring and brings material abundance and all that is beautiful, nourishing, or pleasurable in life. They can be stubborn in their routines and may get stuck in a rut or hold grudges easily, but with their strong determination and powers of concentration, they rarely forget a lesson learned.

On top of a small black velvet bag labeled Fluxweed Artisan Jewelry, sit two sterling silver loop-like earrings with emerald studs.


Handmade in Oregon, USA
by Emily at Fluxweed Artisan Jewelry

Taurus’ birthstone is the emerald, but any piece of stone jewelry from Fluxweed would satisfy the earthy and luxurious Taurus heart.

Many pieces are one of a kind or custom made, making your jewelry just as special as you are. Give Emily a shout if you have something special in mind.


Handmade in California, USA
by Leah
at Ragavon

Taurus ruled by Venus, loves the sensual and sophisticated. A soft scarf or a hood would be the perfect gift. Explore this and other hood designs in Leah’s shop.

A sage green vintage jewelry box on a table. The top has sections specially for random things - dish for coins, space for watch, etc. There's a drawer at the bottom with two gold drawer pulls.


Handmade in New Hampshire, USA
by Linda at Chalk It Up By Linda

Give your Taurus a special place for their watches, chains, rings, and other precious items with one of Linda’s upcycled jewelry boxes in all sorts of designs!


Handmade in Texas, USA
by Adservio Group LLC 

Make sure your Taurus travels in complete comfort with one of these made to order seatbelt covers. Choose VELCRO® or snap closure, size and material, and use this cover on travel bags, purses, stroller straps, steering wheels, handle bars, etc.


Handmade in Illinois, USA
by Mari at Art is Craft is Design

This Giclee print is of an original chromatogram which is often used by farmers to qualitatively assess soil health. Each color and striation signifies a separate compound or bacteria present in the tea, fruit, or plant used. Check out this an other alternative photography prints and nature-based offerings today!


Handmade in Gauteng, South Africa
by Leenna at
WayISeeIt by Leenna

The intellectual Taurus may like an original e-book about Sammi who just wants to find love on a workshop retreat in the Magaliesberg mountains but instead finds a secret code that almost gets her killed. Available in epub and mobi format, this mystery thriller is full of adventure.

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