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Photo of several hands of different colors all giving a collective high five. With the title, Cooperative Solidarity Series: Trunk of My Car Guest Post by Zia M. Dione

Solidarity Series: Trunk of My Car Cooperative

This post is part of our Solidarity Series, telling the stories of other cooperatives to educate about the power of the cooperative model. Trunk of My Car is on a mission to collectively redistribute self-publishing resources from those who take to those who create.

Cover image with the title "Outreach Templates that Work!" and a picture of a man smiling while working on a laptop at a cafe

Outreach Templates That Work! Share with Your Community

Ready to share the good news about Artisans Cooperative but not sure what to say? 

Use our ready-to-go templates and adjust as needed! Text that needs to be replaced with your unique information is in brackets – just like a Mad Lib.

Halloween and Samhain pumpkin kami spirit raku sculpture

7 Handmade Gifts for Halloween

Gather ’round, goblins and ghouls! All creatures, supernatural or otherwise, are welcome this Spooky Season. These spooktacular handmade gifts include both tricks and treats to keep in your candy bucket or to share with your coven! Happy Halloween!

Simple word graphic with a peach background and a dark brown flag that says in pink text, Press Release, with the aRtisans Cooperative logo

Press Release: Announcing the Beta Launch of Artisans Cooperative

Artisans Cooperative has launched a revolutionary new way for buyers and sellers of handmade products worldwide to interact: “a co-op alternative to Etsy.” The marketplace is now open for shoppers looking for authentic handmade goods this holiday season and for artisans looking for a new selling platform.


Hello World! Today we’re opening the doors to Artisans Cooperative – the ONLY member-owned marketplace for buying handmade!

A cover graphic. The background image is of an artisan using a sewing machine to work with leather. The graphic reads "The Value of Handmade: Why We Buy"

The Value of Handmade: Why We Buy

We’ll say it: Handmade items are Art. And whether they’re functional items (“applied arts”) or decorative (“fine art”), art touches us more profoundly and deeply than most other things. In this post, we’ll explore why that is in interviews with artisans and supporters.