• Membership Application Form

    Thank you for becoming a member of Artisans Cooperative! Although anyone can buy and sell on the marketplace, becoming a member through the purchase of a membership share offers you additional benefits and responsibilities, including patronage dividends. This form allows you to submit your membership application, make any payments related to the membership share, and sign your membership agreement (which will be emailed back to you once fully executed with a countersignature). This form will take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Data Privacy Disclosure

    How will the data in this form be used?

    • Your privacy and the security of the information you share with us is of utmost importance.
    • The information you share in this form will only be used to establish membership with Artisans Cooperative.
    • The information shared here will not be shared outside of Artisans Cooperative nor sold for any reason.

    Who will see this data?

    • This data will be seen by Artisans Cooperative directors, team members, and staff.
    • This data will be stored on a secure database that is accessed by a limited number of people for the sole purpose of establishing membership with Artisans Cooperative.

    If you have questions about privacy and data security, please reach out to hi@artisans.coop.