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Artisans Cooperative Hand-drawn Recruitment Flyer Hanging from a Message Board at People's Food Co-op in Portland Oregon

Who We Are

In 2022 makers joined together to form the Artisans Cooperative – A creative community working to build a better handmade marketplace. We are a member-owned, member-run and member-benefiting co-op. We promote creativity, support artist livelihoods, and connect people through an equitable artistic community.

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Brook the Artisans Cooperative chicken mascot is waving to a group of volunteer birds, including another chick, a goose, and a blue jay raising its wing

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Looking from above, there is a person sitting to the right and you can see their hands typing on a laptop. They are at a small round table with a cup of coffee by them and a succulent plant behind the laptop. There's also a notebook on the table.
How to Set up and Use a Custom Domain for Artisans (Guest Post)

[Guest Post] From maker Riverside Refuge Studio, this skill share explains how to set up and utilize a custom domain and website.

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To the right there are two sets of hands hold a small baby's foot while sitting on a white fur blanket. To the left it says "Gift Guide: 5 Handmade Gifts for A New Baby blog post by Erica" with the Artisans Coop chicken logo below.
5 Handmade Gifts for a NEW Baby

5 handmade gifts for any new baby.

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On the right is an image of a piece of paper with three squares lined up vertically, with the top square having a red check mark. On the left it says "First Board Election Blog post by Artisans Cooperative" with the coops logo of a chicken below.
First Board Election

In January of 2024, Artisans Cooperative is holding our first Board of Directors election. This is a monumental occasion and a tremendous step forward…

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