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Featured image titled Welcome to our Cosplayers and Gamers Emporium with part of a stone archway revealing a mountainous scene with a stone path leading through a misty area.

Virtual Cosplay and Players Emporium

Wander through eternal mists and discover cheerful slime beings. Tread carefully around the vampiric dice and the bewitching spooky gaze of a skull or two. You’ll past little-known gods and have a chance to gain new talismans and artifacts.

Close up of a person's fingers tracing a floral pattern onto paper craft material.

10 Ways to Support Your Local Artisans

Ever wondered what you could do to help your favorite local artisan beyond telling them you love their stuff? This blog post details 10 ideas to get you started!

Feature image for artisan profile on Brent Joly of BJ Woven with woven sculpture in 2D

Artisans Profile: Brent Joly of BJ Woven

Spotting one of Brent Joly’s woven sculptures (BJ Woven) twirling around outdoors is mesmerizing. Extrapolated from traditional dream catchers, these fantastical cedar and hemp pieces look like organically created portals.

Based in Canada, and using foraged material, Brent has been refining and redesigning the work, as he thinks of it, for more than a decade. We took the opportunity to ask him some questions about his journey into this world of wood, string and organic three-dimensionality.