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Virtual Cosplay and Players Emporium

Featured image titled Welcome to our Cosplayers and Gamers Emporium with part of a stone archway revealing a mountainous scene with a stone path leading through a misty area.

Welcome travelers of every realm. The Artisans Cooperative invites you to browse and engage our gifted merchants in conversations. Know that adventure beckons in our wondrous Emporium.

Wander through eternal mists and discover cheerful slime beings. Tread carefully around the vampiric dice and the bewitching spooky gaze of a skull or two. You’ll pass little-known gods and have a chance to gain new talismans and artifacts. Find a new dragon companion (every traveling group needs a Draconic speaker). Then, add finely-wrought metal jewelry to your hoard—perchance to bribe the next firebreather you meet? (Be careful your new dragon companion doesn’t spy the jewels later!)

If soothsayers and oracles are what you seek, you are in luck. What of ways to pass the time during long rests and camp fires? Search for hidden dice belts and materials to enhance your personal possessions.

Browse through essentials for all weather and some occasions (impressing a regent or everyday intimidation?) Discover soft hoods, new coats or cloaks for sages or thieves, and aprons for butchers and bakers and a few home-makers. A note to the wise: Magical vests are in short supply. (Soft-voice aside), so are fine leather goods and the odd skin for those of that mind.

Hurry, travelers, afore these bargains are snapped up by townsfolk and other adventurers! But, if you plan on returning to our Coop (or have a good stat on patience), please contact our artisans about bespoke costumes pieces and new stock.

Take note though, afore you pay your coin, that the merchant makes deliveries to your realm. Scroll through their “shipping notes” to avoid grave disappointments.

We’ll leave you now to explore this wondrous new emporium. There’s something for everyone—even retired heroes and tired villains. While you’re here, we trust that you are kind to the unicorn, don’t step on the magic mushrooms, and avoid staring at aliens and familiars.

Fine Tools and Essentials For Serious Campaign Kits

Our seasoned merchants Pixie Wolf, Ragavon, and Simakaihoodies are must visits. Accessories and gear without the haggling! Sure to save you time for a longer visit to your tavern of choice! Browse by the other stalls in this section for more inspiration and supplies.

Pixie Wolf

When an author is also a maker, crafts happen as often as words.
A roll of the die for all levels of players—and encounters!


Ragavon is a fantasy inspired clothing, accessories, jewelry and craft shop!
This purveyor of fine hoods carries some of their homeland sunshine with them.


Hoodies made by a fan, for fans!
Keep out the cold or use as a disguise. There’s more here than hoodies for thieves and royalty going incognito.

Spooky Moon Studios

I like to create things with a spooky, magical, whimsical vibe.
You never know what strange and wonderful creations lie within.


I make things from wood. Hand crafted Desks, Sculptures, Boxes, and whatever strikes my fancy.
With artifices for planetary explorers, this wizard can offer new insight into unexplored territories.


Unique knitting patterns and custom hand knitting.
Beware the lurking dragons and other critters! Most are cuddly, but you can never tell!

By Jeeni

I sew solutions. I look at something and ask, how can I improve this?
Perfect aprons for blacksmiths, bakers, butchers, and… some beasties?

Spectrum Stitches & Sundry

Handmade items from a queer, neurodivergent mother.
If it’s lost keys you seek, find keyholders for them, or a wondrous vest to ward off the cold.

Raeyn Crafts

Nifty Things for Nifty Folx
Decoration, markers, and gemstones for those who mark their stitches before heading into battle.

Jewelers, Precious Gemstones, and Talismans

For discerning and spiritual (and spirited) ones who seek the finest crafted metals, earthenware, and magical gems.

L Chaddon

Art, jewelry, sculptures, photography – an all around artist’s store.

Atypically Artistic

An eclectic collection of handmade creations fueled by the everchanging passions of an ADHD maker!

Drifting Spirits

playing with clay to save the world. ceramic raku sculptures based on shinto, shamanism, and earthy spirituality. made with earth, air, fire, water, and a lot of love.

Spirit of Copper

Autumn Phoenix Designs

My mission is to create things that you find beautiful, because even the simplest thing that brings you happiness can bring a little joy and healing to the heart and soul (and therefore the world!).

Eclectic Design Choices

I offer an eclectic mix of jewelry, home decor and photographic art with motifs such as nature, math & science and fun flying pigs.


Hi, my name is Emily and I am here to help you avoid cookie-cutter mass produced jewelry. I am a one-woman show based in Portland, OR.

jewellery by mishmish

Fine jewellery by London-based designer-maker, mishmish, of the Flux Collective.


Handmade artisan jewelry and accessories in bronze, copper, sterling and fine silver for men, women and home.

River of Beauty Designs

Welcome to River of Beauty Designs! I make handcrafted gemstone and precious metal jewelry, with occasional forays into glass beads.

Leather, Skins, and Sundries

Linger in this quiet part of the market for a taste of the countryside and its fine products.

Winding Circle Farm

Winding Circle Farm produces products from their flock of grass fed, rotationally grazed sheep.

Walnut StudioLO

Handcrafted original designs by a mom-and-pop leather shop.

Riverside Refuge Studio

eclectic array of queer art. and birds.

Curious and Magical Artistry

Even the most jaded traveler will find something of note in these works of art and mythical depictions.


I’m Joy of JoyousJoyfulJoyness! I make hand drawn and hand foiled art prints, paintings, and stickers.

Elaine Fraticelli

Specializes in photo realistic drawings, illustrations, and contemporary paintings.


Features a number of cute, strange and adoriffying creative goods, of both the physical and digital variety, featuring artwork by KeshtheGoblin. KissKissMonster is an LGBTQ+, disabled and autistic owned shop.

LSD Unlimited

Original designs by three friends who love 🍄🌱, 🐬🐋, 🥭🌴, sumo, puns and dad jokes. We make things inspired by our cultural roots and shared kinship on this strange planet. This season, we bring you a selection of mushroom-inspired plant trellises, plant stakes, and surprise accessories!

Auralis Creations

The shop is run through a partnership between Aurora Herman and J.K.Borealis, the creators of Eternal Mist and AinoloniA respectively.

Spellcasters, Sages, and seers

If it’s your fortune or a hint of the path that awaits you that you seek, this little corner holds your answers. Stock up on herbal brews before you begin your next adventure.

Confused Duck Press

Tarot Readings and Wiccan supplies

Honeysuckle Witches Brew

That special witchy vibe plus fair trade tea

WayISeeIt With Leenna

Ebooks, Digital Art and Printables, Printable Tarot Readings

We trust your packs are laden with goods, or your eye has been pleased by our many varied wares. Be sure to return once your campaign is over—or midway. Were always happy to accommodate travelers of every ilk.

Farewell for now, and may you level up with ease, fun, and good company!

About Artisans Cooperative

We are growing an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives: a co-op alternative to Etsy.
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