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7 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners

To the left "Gift Guide: 7 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners" with "Blog post by Valerie" below, and the Coop logo below that. To the right is a photo of one of the items featured - it's a stained glass Fleur de Lis on a stick in a garden box full of flowers.

March 4th 2024 – March 20th 2024
Creative, handmade gifts for gardeners

Show love for the gardeners in your life with these fresh, hand-picked finds from Artisans Cooperative!


A sweet-looking Blue Heeler dog sitting on a bench next to a smaller version of itself as a realistically painted concrete statue. They are both wearing the same bandana, it's so cute!


Handmade in Pennsylvania, USA by Cindi at It’s Concrete by Cindi.

Cindi makes a variety of concrete garden statues with multiple options and finishes. Whether it’s commemorating a special pet with custom painting to match your photos or ready-to-go pieces like owls, these statues will bring a special spirit into the garden.

A woman's hand holding one ceramic plant label named Basil in front of a stack of about 20 other vegetable plant labels like corn and chives


Handmade in North Carolina, USA by Erin at Stella NC Works.

Replace flimsy plastic plant markers with handmade pottery versions that can be used year after year. These handmade vegetable garden labels are made out of stoneware clay and ready to ship.

A pink and teal hand-sewn cross-body bag about the size of a large wallet with a pretty poppy and daisy floral pattern


Handmade in California, USA by Bev at Bevz Bagz.

Delight the flower gardener with a handsewn bag that can be used for carrying their seeds and tools hand-free in the garden, or to show off their floral style out in the world!

A man rubbing conditioner from a small yellow tin in circular motions on a leather tool on a workbench


Handmade in Oregon, USA by Geoff & Valerie at Walnut Studiolo.

Help the gardener take care of their dried-out gloves and tool belts with a tin of handmade, small batch made leather conditioner. Bonus points for cleaning and applying the conditioner yourself as an act of service!

A French blue stained glass fleur de lis shape on a long silver metal stake, in a flower bed with petunias


Handmade in Wisconsin, USA by Danielle at Autumn Phoenix Designs.

A beautiful, all-season delight for beloved gardens, the fleur-de-lis glass catches the sun and your eye and brings that impossible flower color to the garden: French blue.

Handmade body lotion and soap set with the name Garden Pixies on the label and a green flower-shaped bar of soap with flecks of brown exfoliating walnut shell


Handmade in Wisconsin, USA by Sheri at Blue Poppy Bath Works.

Hand-blended for gardeners, this gift set has an earthy smell and walnut shell exfoliation for gardeners hands.

A hand-knit snail stuffed animal in shades of green and purple wool on a bed of moss


Handmade in Oregon, USA by Joan at Joans Garden.

Tease your favorite gardener with a colorful handknit softie of their ultimate nemesis: the slug / snail!

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