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One-half of the husband-and-wife team business, Walnut Studiolo and a writer for fun. Walnut Studiolo makes unique designs of leather goods in the categories of interior design, games, and bicycle accessories, as well as a few other fun things.

Artisan Profile: Giddy Hedgehog Graphic Design

We feature Erica (she/her), a woman artisan in Florida who loves to share Swedish language and culture through her beautifully designed, instantly downloadable, printable party goods.

To the left "Gift Guide: 7 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners" with "Blog post by Valerie" below, and the Coop logo below that. To the right is a photo of one of the items featured - it's a stained glass Fleur de Lis on a stick in a garden box full of flowers.

7 Handmade Gifts for Gardeners

Show love for the gardeners in your life with these fresh, hand-picked finds from Artisans Cooperative!

On the left it says, Artisan Profile: Blue Poppy Bath and Body, with, Blog post by Valerie underneath on a pink background, and the Artisans Coop chicken logo below that. To the right is a of a bowl full of handmade chapsticks or lip balms with creative cocktail flavors like Pina Colada or Mai Tai.

Artisan Profile: Blue Poppy Bath & Body

We feature Sheri (she/her), a woman artisan in Wisconsin who loves the creative process of making quality bath, body, and cleaning products from scratch.

Photo of a person holding a megaphone to amplify their message through marketing, next to the title, Our Marketing Plan with the Artisans Cooperative logo

Our Marketing Plan

In this post, we’ll share our basic marketing plan, particularly in light of our members’ decision to bootstrap our funding without seeking seed capital from big investors. We’ll cover the marketing basics: what it is and who it’s for, our competitive strategy, and our marketing channels. 

Photo of several hands of different colors all giving a collective high five. With the title, Cooperative Solidarity Series: Trunk of My Car Guest Post by Zia M. Dione

Solidarity Series: Trunk of My Car Cooperative

This post is part of our Solidarity Series, telling the stories of other cooperatives to educate about the power of the cooperative model. Trunk of My Car is on a mission to collectively redistribute self-publishing resources from those who take to those who create.