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10 Unique Stocking Stuffers

A photo of stylized mermaid tails that have beaded loops to hang them up with against a tile background. To the left, "Gift Guide: 10 unique stocking stuffers Blog Post by Robin" with the Artisans Cooperative chicken logo beneath.

We scouted the 10 most rad stocking stuffers! We have no doubt they will be a huge hit—and the best part? They are all under $25!

1. Dirty Mechanic Soap

Handmade in Wisconsin, USA
by Shereen Veley at Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC

Soap bars in tantalizing scents like Tobacco Caramel and Dirty Mechanic. In addition to great soap, they also have great lip balm!

2. Anime Stickers and Magnets

Handmade in Ireland
by Tamara Herman at Auralis Creations

Mysterious Girl is just one of the imaginative vinyl stickers available from Auralis Creations,. Plus, you can get any of their stickers as a magnet.

3. Travel Domino Playing Cards

Handmade in Oregon, USA by Valerie and Geoff Franklin at Walnut Studiolo

The perfect set for your world traveler—and if dominoes aren’t their thing you can always check out travel dice or travel cribbage!

4. D20 Dice Keychain

Handmade in Texas, USA
by Rhiannon at Lemonescence

Gamers will appreciate this D20 polyhedral dice keychain, available in six bright colors. Length 2.25 inches (5.7cm). A D20 pendant is also available.

5. Bee Earrings

Handmade in New York, USA
by Jaimie at Half Obsessed Threads

These embroidered bee earrings will get oohs and ahs wherever they buzz. Plus they’ll remind folks to bee kind to bees! 1 x 1.5 or 2 inches (25.4 x 38 or 51mm).

6. Felted Dragon Ornament

Handmade in Ontario, Canada
by Janice Hearn at The Storytellers Art

In the realm of dragons, we think this one is exceptionally sweet. Available in three colors, or contact the artisan to customize your ornament even further.

7. Ceramic Rainbow Dish

Handmade in North Carolina, USA
by Erin Sapre at Stella NC Works

These delightful little rainbow plates can be used for jewelry, snacks, spoon rests, and more. Choose from four designs. 4 inches (10.2cm).

8. Roll-up Pencil Set

Handmade in Tennessee, USA
by Elaine and family at N Theory Farm

Your young artist will realize creativity and neatness go together with the help of this colored pencil rollup holder in your choice of cute fabrics. Pencils included.

9. Round Tuits

Handmade in Ontario, Canada
by Joe Federer at Fabrikisto

We’ll bet you know someone who needs a round tuit. Wiktionary: “A circular token that reminds one who obtains it to do something which they said they would do when they got around to it.”

10. Mermaid Tail Ornaments

Handmade in New Jersey, USA
by Nicole at Craft Tree NJ

The cutest set of 3 Mermaid tails that will surely brighten up any one’s tree or window!

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