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3 Gifts to Appreciate the Teacher in Your Life 

Pink candle in a beaker with a rectangular label that looks like a periodic table entry but reads "Kathryn KR" sits in front of a slightly larger box.

Summer is here, folks! This is the perfect time to show some love to the teachers in your life with these handmade gifts from Artisans Cooperative.

Personalized Chemistry Beaker Candle

Pink candle in a beaker with a rectangular label that looks like a periodic table entry but reads "Kathryn KR" sits in front of a slightly larger box.
Image Provided by Living Room Lab

Living Room Lab candles come in real chemistry beakers, perfect for the science teacher in your life. You can even personalize the label to turn your teacher into a new element on the periodic table! [$40-50]

Hand-Stamped Felted Paper Quote Cards

Handstamped lettering on a green and white background that reads: "Teach the children... give them the fields and the woods and the possibility of the world salvaged from the lords of profit... rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in, its sticks and leaves and then the silent, beautiful blossoms - Mary Oliver".
Image Provided by ArtLight Media

ArtLight Media‘s hand-stamped cards add new dimension to already meaningful quotes, like this Mary Oliver quote about educating. Teachers might especially appreciate that each card comes with the biography of the quoted author on the back and is printed on 100% post-consumer-waste felted white paper. [$5-10]

HAndmade Leather Bookmark

Leather bookmark with metal gear stitched in and long string tassle, placed on top of an open book.
Image Provided by The C2V Brand

We all know that teachers do not get enough time to read for pleasure during the school year. This handmade leather bookmark from The C2V Brand will mark the chapters in the non-school-related book your educator is diving into over the summer. [$10-15 USD]

Living Room Lab is a science-themed home decor shop based in Charlottesville, VA. They offer unique gifts for science lovers, from chemistry glassware ornaments to beaker candles.

ArtLight Media is a woman-owned studio on the North Coast of Oregon USA that crafts illustrated cards, calendars, stationery, and posters with hand-carved rubber alphabet pieces.  These beautiful cards enliven quotes from wise thinkers, and each work comes with the quote-speaker’s biography printed on the back panel.

The C2V Brand, based in Greece, creates beautiful jewelry and accessories with leather and clay primarily. Chris, the artisan behind C2V Brand, has always loved the arts, and as a result, she crafts each pieces with lots of “meraki” (the Greek word for “created with Care and Heart”)!

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