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4 Handmade Gifts for a Clean Start to Spring

Tough-looking woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a duck canvas Carthartt like apron

The transition from winter to spring is associated with sweeping away the cobwebs, sloughing off the dead skins, and starting anew. Use this guide to inspire a clean start to your spring! Wash away the winter blues and shake off the seasonal affective disorder with items from makers in the Artisans Cooperative.

Handmade Gift Guide:

Waxed Canvas Shop Apron

Really dig into those dirty cobwebs with a super durable waxed canvas shop apron. Protect your clothes and keep handy access to tools with plenty of pockets and loops for quick access. Bring it on!

Tough-looking woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a duck canvas Carthartt like apron

Small Batch Body Care Products

Whipped sugar scrub by N Theory Farm. A whipped soap for a foamy exfoliating wash. spring cleaning. handmade in small batches, restorative.
therapeutic hemp foot cream. foot pain relief and skin healing cream, handcrafted in small batches, restorative, soothing, massage, healing

After a hard day of cleaning, take some time to exfoliate and restore your inner glow with a Whipped Sugar Scrub then give your hard-working feet some love with massage of Therapeutic Hemp Foot Cream.

Personal Energy necklace

Image of a necklace with black crystals and a silver triskallion for clearing emf and inviting positive energy. energy tools, necklace, emf, jewelry, shungite, triskallion, cosmic grounding, artisans coop

Clear out more than dust and mites for a fresh start! Accent your favorite outfit and clear out those irritating EMFs and other bad vibes from your personal space at the same time with a shungite triskallion handmade necklace.

Cosmic Grounding

Eco-friendly resin and crystal jewelry, enhanced with crystals and elemental symbols that work to clear the negative vibrations and enhance the positive within your personal space.

Rookery Mercantile

Made-to-order utility aprons of durable waxed canvas, with thoughtful and spacious pockets, loops, and adjustable straps.

N Theory Farm

The Sims family and their sustainable homestead create and sell handmade fabric and knitted goods, along with custom hemp bath and body products made in small batches by their friends in Glibert, Arizona.

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