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5 Handmade Gifts for Nerds and Gamers

Whether it’s for your videogaming buddy or the members in your tabletop gaming group, sometimes the best gifts are the light-hearted ones that speak to your friends’ interests. Check out these 5 geeky gift ideas for nerds and gamers, all crafted with care by makers in the Artisans Cooperative.

Handmade Gift Guide:

Custom/Personalized Mini Dice Tray

Roll your dice without fear with this custom dice tray! The soft fabric of the tray will mute the loud clatter of your dice and prevent them from bouncing to the floor, and is available in Kelly Green, Blondi Blue Batik, and 11 other possible colors. When you’re ready to pack up your game, the tray is easily collapsible to take with you on the go!

A square dice tray with green fabric and a twisting dragon design at its center. The tray has snaps at each corner to hold it together or to collapse it.

Joyful Game Controller Earrings and Modern Game Controller Earrings

A pair of flat, red and blue "joycon" inspired dangly earrings.
A pair of flat, white dangly earrings inspired by a modern gam controller.

Level up your fashion and show off your love for gaming with these simple and stylish game controller earrings. The modern controller earrings are 1 ½” x 1 ¼”, while the Joyful controller earrings are ½” x 1 ⅝”. The Joyfuls also come in classic red and blue, or fluorescent green and pink.

Roll for Initiative, “That’ll do” – Coaster

A wooden coaster with a painting of an orange d20 die reading a number 8. The die is overlaid with a blue ribbon that reads, "That'll do. I guess."

In tabletop roleplay, an “8” could not be a more average dice roll, so celebrate your mediocrity at the table with this one-of-a-kind coaster. The wood is hand-painted with acrylics and markers and sealed with water and heat-resistant varnish, while the underside is cork-lined, making it perfect for a variety of drinks and surfaces. 

Wooden d20 Pins

Be the talk of the table with these epic laser-cut d20 pins. Each pin is cut from basswood and is 1 ½” x 1 ½”.  Currently available designs include a Natural 20, a skull, or a dragon and come with a plastic backing. (We cannot confirm or deny the claim that these pins will aid you in the defeat of your enemies, but you are certainly welcome to give it a try.)

A set of 5 wooden laser cut pins in the shape of d20 dice. Each has a different face: a cat, a skull, a 20, a dragon, and a grinning coffee mug.

Sevenish Magpies

Sevenish Magpies is queer-owned and run by maker of shiny things, Wing. They sell an assortment of mostly hardwood pieces, including pronoun pins, fandom jewelry, cozy-themed items, and much more.

Geeky Tendencies

Geeky Tendencies is owned and run by the artistic sister duo, Christine and Ferne (a textile wizard and mistress of the dark arts, respectively). They make gaming supplies and geeky gear, from dice bags and trays to hand-painted miniatures and RPG one-shot adventures.

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