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5 Handmade Gifts for Pisces Season

"Gift Guide: Pisces Season, by Elaine" is written on a light blue background over and image of two arch shaped earrings with black and white koi fish on them

February 19th 2024 – March 20th 2024
Give the watery Pisces in your life gifts to suit their intuitive, friendly, and selfless energy!

Pisces – the Loving Fish, represents two people skinny dipping and suddenly transforming into two fish swimming around each other in a crystal-clear lake. Pisces is a water sign that concludes the cycle of the Zodiac calendar, dispersing everything that happened in the past and bringing in forgiveness. Pisces individuals are characterized by empathy and incredible emotional capacity, but only if they maintain strong boundaries and do not let external emotions overwhelm them.

Two arch shaped earrings hanging from a wooden dowel stand. They are black with a clear white design of two koi fish swimming around each other with clouds around them.


Handmade in California, USA
by Leah at Ravagon.

The Loving Fish themselves, these witchy black acrylic earrings are engraved with a lunar and solar koi fish in clouds design on an archway base. They are very lightweight, thin, and come high-integrity black-finished brass ear wires and jump rings.

A white ceramic bowl with blue, swirly glaze covering half of it, sits on a white table with some small sand color pebbles around it.


Handmade in Ontario, Canada
by Emery at Salt and Sand

Dive into the serene beauty of this handmade ceramic bowl, expertly glazed to replicate the mesmerizing allure of ocean waves. Whether you’re Pisces is savoring a comforting soup or showcasing it as a captivating décor piece, this bowl embodies the essence of the Pisces fluid life, making it a truly exceptional addition to the collection.

Five round soap bars sitting in a circle on a brown table. Each labeled with a small round sticker, Rosemary, Lavender, Orange, Mint, and Just Plain Soap.


Handmade in Vermont, USA
by Zyla at Winding Circle Farm

Sheep Tallow Soap to wash away negativity, past conflicts, and of course, bacteria, dirt, and viruses! Made with fat from Winding Circle Farm’s flock and scented using essential oils these bars are 3 inches in diameter, 4 ounces each.

A quilt pattern of rainbow stripes of various fabrics descend from top to bottom with three white chickens on top.


Handmade in California, USA
by Sandy at American Jane Patterns 

Pisces natives are intuitive and creative, consider these unique quilt patterns for a new hobby!

Quilt patterns created with American Jane Picture Perfect fabrics. Use these patterns with Picture Perfect fabrics or choose your own fabrics!

A square, pink card shows a Grizzly bear wearing a black puffy vest jacket with text above him that reads "I love you Beary much" in red.


Handmade in England, UK
by Mike at
Prints With Personality

Hand designed cards can be for any occasion, and Pisces loves to be loved and to love in return!

Humor in romance will surely win over any Pisces and Mike aims to please by bringing personality to any home with his cards and prints!

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