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6 Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers and their Pets

Image of small black and white dog searching under gift wrap for a present

It’s the gift-giving season, which means it’s time to start thinking about what presents to get for all the special people – or special paws – that you know. Whether you’ve got a loyal old pup with tags in need of an upgrade, or there’s a budding animal lover running around your home (or maybe you have a friend who really likes snakes), here are 6 gift ideas for all the animals and animal lovers in your life — all handmade by creative artists and makers in the Artisans Cooperative.

Handmade Gift Guide:

Catnip Cat Toy Mouse Amigurumi

What adorable mice! These little critters are stuffed with fiberfill and pouches of catnip. Each has their own face and personality and are ready to provide plenty of enrichment for your furry feline friend!

Line-up of handmade cute brown crocheted mouse amigurumi catnip cat toys on a wood floor

Cascadia (Round ID Tag) and Sunbeams (Hexagon ID Tag)

Custom round engraved silver pet tag made by artisan handmade
Hexagon-shaped bronze pet tag with custom engraved pet name and beautiful art deco symbol artisan-made

Why not get your puppy pal (because all dogs are puppies no matter their age) a gift as unique as them? These beautiful ID tags feature original art and are engraved in order to withstand some wear and tear. The tags come in brass, copper, aluminum, and nickel, and there are three sizes to choose from.

Sunset Snake – Ball Python Amigurumi

A cute artisan-made pink crocheted snake pet toy on a wood floor

This pretty, red-orange ball python is ready to go home with you! Its length sits at about 41 inches, meaning that it’s not only the size of an average snake, but it’s also the perfect length to wrap over your shoulders like a scarf! 

Scrappy Rainbows – Ball Python Amigurumi

Isn’t this little one just the cutest? She’s a bit smaller than her sunset sibling, and looks just like she’s staying warm with a cozy rainbow sock! This Amigurumi is made with scrap and Lion Brand Bonbons yarn.

A cute artisan-made rainbow striped crocheted snake pet toy on a wood floor

Ara and the Fox of Friendship

Person holding up a copy of the book Ara and the Fox of Friendship in German, hard cover and beautifully illustrated gift for pet lovers

This children’s book is perfect for any young animal lover. Ara and the Fox of Friendship is a whimsical story about Ara, who goes on a journey through the city to find the Fox of Friendship, who’s gone missing! Along the way Ara meets all sorts of friendly faces and the strangest of creatures. At 28 pages, the physical version of this book can be purchased in English or German.

Handmade Hearts 

Handmade Hearts is a shop thats proudly Queer and autistic owned. They make Amigurumi (crocheted) animals geared both towards pets and humans. They also make a variety of other items like crocheted hats, scarves, bags and pillows. 

Wild Horizon

Wild Horizon makes handmade dog gear. Their custom pet ID tags vary in shape, metal and size.

jfml – illustration & design

Jonas Laugs (jfml) is an illustrator, graphic designer and children’s book author based in Germany. His works have a lovely child-like quality, featuring whimsical characters and themes. 

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