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6 Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Anniversaries

Leather wine bottle case on a cheese board on the Oregon Coast a romantic picnic for anniversary gifts

Finding the right anniversary gift can always be a little difficult. Ideally, the gift should be long lasting and sentimental, or at least useful, and should speak of your relationship with your partner. Our 6 gift ideas for anniversaries, all handcrafted by artists and makers in the Artisans Cooperative, can help you on your way to picking the perfect gift for your soulmate.

Handcrafted Gift Guide:

Map of Your Memories

Commission a custom map and add markers of special places you love or have visited together. Whether it’s the place you proposed, your home now, or your honeymoon, a visual reminder of the memories you shared will be sure to bring on the sentiment and romance.

Framed print on a wall of a topographic map of the Adirondacks with a marker for a special spot.

Hemp & Menthol Body Cream

Paired with the gift of your time and a little massage, this hemp body cream will help create a loving anniversary. Handcrafted with menthol crystals, hemp oils, and Ginger Peach or Citron Cedarwood scents, it is “the holy grail of creams” and feels like the better smelling version of biofreeze.

A photo of a cylindrical container of body cream placed between a pair of white eggs on the left and a white, metal bucket on the right, all sitting in front of small hay bale that continues out of left frame.

Silver Cedar Branch Necklace

A photo of a silver cedar branch necklace angled on a white background. The necklace chain disappears out of top left frame.

Gift your spouse with a little reminder of the forest with this beautiful, sterling silver necklace cast from a cedar branch. The oxidized finish draws attention to the woodland features of the piece, giving it a rustic and boho feel.

Wellesley Lamp Post in the Snow Giclee Print

Home décor can make the perfect joint-anniversary gift, and fine art lovers will adore this simple, yet whimsical, watercolor print of a Wellesley College lamp post. It’s printed on cold press paper and comes in three sizes, and is even available to be printed on a variety of other products, if mugs or greeting cards are more your style.

A photo of a watercolor painting of a curled streetlamp thats lit and covered in snow. The painting has a black frame and is hung on a  paneled wall and above a desk with a vase and books in the bottom right corner of the photo.

Leather Wine Case and 6-Pack Leather “Spartan Carton”

A photo of a whiskey bottle, two whiskey glasses, a leather whiskey bottle carrying case with a handle, and a half cut of salami all placed decoratively on top of a round wooden charcuterie board. The set up sits on a rock and overlooks an out-of-focus scene of greenery, mountains and the ocean.
A closeup photo of two six packs of beer bottles in leather carrying cases, both carried by a person on either side of frame. The case on the left is made from  light brown leather straps , while the case on the right is made from dark brown leather straps.

Pair a special bottle of wine or beer with a special anniversary dinner in a keepsake, reusable leather case. Both the “Spartan Carton” and the Leather Wine Case can be monogramed with up to three initials, including a heart symbol.

N Theory Farm/Hemp Moon

N Theory Farm was founded by the Dave and Elaine of the Sims family and is located in the mountains of Tennessee. They sell handmade fabric goods, knit items, and handmade bath & body products crafted by their friends at Hemp Moon in Arizona.

  • Hemp & Menthol Body Cream

Silver Cedar Jewelry

Irene Blueth has been crafting nature-inspired jewelry for over thirty years. Most of her pieces are created from recycled gold and silver, and her techniques often involve immortalizing little bits of plants and nature by casting the metals in the molds she creates from them.

  • Silver Cedar Branch Necklace

Rosalie Forest Art

Rosalie forest creates art with the intent to bring the natural world into any office or home. She combines fine art and spiritual techniques to work with her subjects, which range from animals, plants, cityscapes and more.

  • Wellesley Lamp Post in the Snow Giclée Print


opographia Design began as an exploration to merge my love of art and graphic design with my interest in maps and representations of landscapes. My work is influenced by my background in studio art, landscape architecture, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and cartography. 

  • Customized Map

Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo is a family-run company based out of Oregon that handmakes modern designs including bicycle gear, games, accessories for drinkware, and more. Only natural materials are used in their designs.

  • Leather Wine Case
  • 6-pack Spartan Carton

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