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5 Handmade Gifts for Virgo Season

Virgo Season is August 23 – September 22

Do you have a rational, organized, and ever helpful Virgo in your life? Showing them how much you appreciate them will be a breeze any time of the year when you use this gift guide that demystifies the modest Virgo.

This earth sign is grounded in reality and the rational. They are organized and detail orientated with a strong sense of purpose and passion for others. They often need to feel useful and their minds tend to run a million miles a minute.

Gift Cards of Affirmation

Virgos can be extremely selfless and reminding them they are loved and worthy of self love is a great way to make them feel truly valued and fulfilled. Remind them this season that being softer with themselves is necessary and that they are truly sunshine using these cards from ArtLight Media!

Four gift cards with text. Top left reads "You are the result of the love of thousands -Linda Hogan". Top Right reads "Be softer with you. You are a breathing thing. A memory to someone. A home to a life. -Nayyirah Waheed". Bottom Left reads " There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun. -Thomas Merton". The bottom right reads "Thank you" with two colorful geometric flowers.

Modest Jewelry

Handmade red wooden earrings cut in an elongated geometric shape.

For the modest friend with a dry sense of sarcasm, consider this gorgeous and simple design from wood weave river seed. These PURPLEHEART CARVED WOOD EARRINGS is elegant and sultry enough for any occasion, your loved one will feel treasured with these geometric earrings.

Stone And Glass Pen

When life gets hard for the hardworking Virgo, consider this stone pen design from Cindy at ShorelineDesigned.

Beach stone and recycled glass beads make up the top part of a pen. The pen is leaning against a small grey stone.

Whether for journaling, sketching, or planning, your Virgo is sure to feel grounded with this polished stone pen. The black beach stone was found in Lake Michigan and is threaded onto the pen shaft with recycled glass, clear and black translucent mottled Krobo beads, and silver spacer beads. Elegant and handy, this pen is sure to wow.

Fundraiser Tea Plate

Working so hard has to pay off for a Virgo! They feel most satisfied with life when pursuing a sense of purpose or achievement. These Chicken mugs and saucers by Erin from StellaNCWorks are a fundraiser item for our very own Artisans Co-op! A percentage of your purchase will go directly towards funding our online marketplace launch in October, putting power and autonomy back into artisan hands!

A hand holds the artisan co-op logo glazed on a tea saucer with two mugs in the background containing the same chicken logo.

 Learn more about the Co-op, and find more fundraiser items in our directory!

Self Care Soap

The ever busy Virgo surely needs to stop for some self care once in a while. These Coffee Latte Scrub Bars from Luxury Mountain Soaps are perfect for them. All natural handmade Shea butter soap bars with invigorating aromatherapy also provide a light skin exfoliation. They are crafted from a Primal Elements Shea MP Base with very fine ground coffee beans for exfoliation with color derived from natural Mica powder, and Coffee Latte fragrance oil.

Soap bars sit atop coffee beans. Each one is half coffee colored and half cookies and cream colored. All are stamped with Luxury Mountain Soap's logo.

Any time of the year, these gifts are sure to make the Virgo in your life feel useful, fulfilled, and appreciated! Keep them on track with organizational tools and remind them that self care matters. Whatever the occasion, treat yourself, and treat your friends with handmade goods from our Artisan-Members.

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