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7 Last Second Handmade Pride Gifts

Three rainbow hand held silk fans are laid flat on top of a blue background creating a circle of rainbows. A great pride gift.
Two fingers holding up an oval sticker. The text in the center reads "Nervous" and the background is a flashy gredn and gold.

As PRIDE month comes to a close, remind your queers, theys, and gays that they matter all year long with a handmade gift! Our Co-op of Artisans offers these 7 gift ideas to make a statement.

Many LGBTQIA2S+ folks face undue hate for living authentically. It’s important for Allies to step up and show their support. These gifts are sure to brighten any queer’s day!

4 Sticker Bundle

Alyssa Giannini is an ace, queer, nonbinary artist living on Squaxin & Nisqually land (Olympia, WA). Their shop, Craft or DIY, currently offer over 100 button designs, a variety of stickers, and various zines, mostly informational guides and perzines (personal zines). All of their zines contain illustrations and text, with a heavy focus on mental health, DIY music community, gender stuff and relationships/friendship. Choose 4 stickers from a variety of different designs and sizes.

A hand holding a large rectangle sticker. The Text above reads "I deserve" and the text below reads "Rest". In the center is an illustrated baby deer laying in light turquoise grass.

These are all-weather decals and should hold up outside, on water bottles, and more. Choose 4 stickers from a variety of different designs and sizes.

Progressive Flag Bead Bracelet

Raeyn creates brightly colored beaded jewelry out of beads and dice! Raeyn’s Rarified Things also includes pendants, cross stitch art and patterns, and stitch markers representing many of the PRIDE flags. This handmade bracelet is sure to wow with its detailed craftsmanship.

On a wrist sits a bracelet made of small beads woven together. The bands are long black and white stripes while the center beads are arranged in the progressive pride flag colors.

Bracelet is 7.75 inches long, and is secured with an easy to open (and close!) magnetic clasp. Take advantage of the sale going on now!

Cereal Killer Candle

Rowan runs the shop RWC Foundry, which creates an assortment of colorful candles, wax melts, bath bombs, and soaps to delight and relax anyone and everyone. Light this delicious-looking bowl of cereal on fire and bring joy to anyone who’s extra fruity in your life.

An assortment of candles arranged on a table. Two of them are uncovered and show brightly colored ring shaped cereal pieces inside. They appear to be floating in milk instead of made of wax. Pride gift guide.

Soy wax candles are healthier for home use compared to other wax types. The small candles have a cotton wick, and the large ones have a wooden wick for a gratifying crackle, like a small camp fire.

They Them Daddy T-shirt

Raffi Marhaba at TheBeatInBetween looks stunning in this They Them Daddy printed shirt. This gift is sure to bring all sorts of gender euphoria to the non-binary or gender nonconforming. Make sure your pronouns are never forgotten.

A warm pink t-shirt on a masculine body reads "They Them Daddy" in capitol letters

The t-shirts are Bella Canva which is ethically produced, no sweatshops and it’s WRAP certified, so you know people are being paid fairly.

Hand made with queer love (so each looks slightly different!).

Rainbow Pride Fan

Gay Party Supply provides a ton of hand-made, unique, NSFW adult party decorations, but this fan is a stunning must have for any rainbow-mafia member.

Three rainbow hand held silk fans are laid flat on top of a blue background creating a circle of rainbows.

Beautiful 8 1/2 inch fans handmade with wood and silken rainbow material. Perfect for a wedding, party, a pride parade in the dead heat of summer: you name it!

8 1/2 long by about 15″ when open.

Crochet Lil Froggies

Many queers and non-binary folx relate to and seem to love frogs! Consider these handmade lil froggies from The Sleepy Frog as a small gift for the frog lover in your life.

On a white table sit two crochet frogs on either side of a blue and white crochet mushroom. The left frog is green and the right frog is black and purple. A perfect pride gift.

Raise your spirits with these unique crochet designs, or contact The Sleepy Frog for a custom piece just for you! Either way, the whimsical nature of our art will bring you joy. Explore clothing, stuffed toys (for all ages), and other functional items in the shop!

Canvas Split Leg Apron Bundle

Hand made by Jade Brandt at Rookery Mercantile, these bibs are built for durability, functionality, and style.

A person is wearing a waxed canvas apron and is displaying how the top bib can unzip from the bottom by lifting apart the two layers.

These split leg fronts are attached to the shorty bib with a separating zipper and are fully detachable so you can have the best of both worlds. Light work? Heavy work? You get coverage for both. It has the standard crisscross strap ties for easy adjustment for wear. And the 1” nylon webbing leg straps with snap closures comfortably keep your split legs in place without getting in your way.

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