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Gift Guide for Lovers of The Needle Arts

cross-stitch pattern with potted plants that says I Kill Real Plants

For those who love fiber arts and the needle arts, we’ve got four authentic handmade items that they’ll be sure to love, for knitters, crocheters, stitchers, and quilters.

Handmade Gift Guide:

Hand-Dyed Wool

hand-dyed bluefaced leicester wool with a combed top, next to skin soft, in Rhapsody colorway for soft spring fiber projects

Hand-dyed, 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool with a combed top, 4 oz. Micron count of 26 microns, so it is next to skin soft. In the Rhapsody colorway for soft spring fiber projects.

Hand-Dyed Yarns

Foxy-colored, nature-inspired, hand-dyed yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving or other yarn crafts.

foxy color, nature inspired, hand-dyed yarns for knitting, crochet, weaving, and yarn crafts

Cross stitch patterns

a witchy ina garten meme cross-stitch kit or downloadable pattern

This DIY Witchy Ina Garten meme cross-stitch kit is full of sass and available as a kit or a downloadable pattern.

Spring Floral Quilt

Skip the DIY and go right for a Handmade Spring Floral Quilt by Jambearies, in beautiful spring colors and ready for snuggling.

a handmade spring floral quilt by Jambearies, in beautiful spring colors

Featured Shops and Artists

Sycamore Fibers

Sycamore Fibers is a small-batch, hand dyed fiber shop focused on fine wools and fibers that are next-to-skin-soft. They create hand dyed fibers for spinners and felters, as well as hand spun or hand dyed yarns for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and fiber enthusiasts. Their colorways are drawn from the rich diversity of native wildflowers, vividly colored birds, and natural landscapes. 

Dragonflight Yarns

Dragonflight Yarns is a small business specializing in small batch, premium hand-dyed yarn. Perfect for knitting, crochet, weaving or any yarn craft! Their yarns are predominantly comprised of Superwash Merino wool, making them both soft and luxurious, as well as practical for daily life. Colors range from muted neutrals to vibrant neons and rich jewel tones. And they are obsessed with custom orders!

Stitchy Aesthetic

Original and custom cross-stitch patterns and kits with sass and a witchy vibe.


Handmade Quilts and Supplies by Phyllis, a quilter with 30 years of experience.

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