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5 Fun White Elephant Gifts under $30

Photo of a white elephant statue and the title Gift Guide for White Elephant Exchanges, by Robin

We know there’s technically no winner of white elephant, but we also know there is kind of a winner…here are 5 gifts that everyone will fight over.

Cut out piece of wood with an image of a mushroom and  long stick end for putting into plant soil and testing water depth It says "Amanita Lil Water"

1. Watering Plant Stick

Handmade in California, USA
by LSD Unlimited

What isn’t to love about this cute little mushroom plant stick? Amanita buy it.

2. Poppy Pins

Handmade in North Carolina, USA
by Erin Sapre at Stella NC Works

Classic. Beautiful for every occasion.

Handmade print of a man's bare midsection with a hairy belly button and dark underwear

3. Hair Print

Handmade in Washington, USA by Lee at Riverside Refuge Studio

There are no words for this one. We just know it will be a hit.

Man holding a canvas tote bag with a political message screenprinted on it, No Prisons No Cages No Walls No Pipelines"

4. No Prisons, No Cages, No Walls Tote

Handmade in Pennslyvania, USA
by Raffi Marhaba at The Beat in Between

Speak your values through this No Prisons, No Cages, No Walls, No Pipelines tote bag!

A few lip balms in a bowl with unique flavors like Pizza Sauce, Dill Pickle, and Blue Slushie

5. Unique Flavors of Lip Balm

Handmade in Wisconsin, USA
by Shereen Veley at Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC

The most unique flavors of lip balm that will make anyone smile, like Dill Pickle and Pizza Slice. Plus loads of moisturizing oils for perfectly soft lips!

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