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6 Handmade Gifts for The Hard To Shop For

Custom Portrait of a Dog in Black and White Pencil with the title Gift Guide: 6 Items for the Hard to Shop For

Don’t know what to get your loved ones on their special day? Are you shopping for a gift for someone you hardly know? Take a look at these unique handmade gifts suitable for anyone and any occasion.

The handle of a stainless steal oven has been decorated with a strip of leather wound around it. A hand is opening the oven.

1. Upscaled Oswego Leather Wraps Kit

Handmade in Oregon, USA
by Geoff & Valerie Franklin at Walnut Studiolo

A tactile and luxe leather handle wrap designed for kitchen appliances and more. Intuitive to install and perfect for any home, this leather wrap kit is designed to flexibly coil around handles of any size. The simple coil tape design is flexible for any kind of handlebar dimensions: it can fit around curves, corners, H-bars, ovalized bars, and more. 

A small wooden bowl on a white background is overflowing with lime green lip balm containers that read "Gin + Tonic"

2. Uniquely Flavored Natural Lip Balm

Handmade in Wisconsin, USA
by Shereen Veley at Blue Poppy Bath & Body LLC

Shereen makes handmade bath and body products in small batches using high quality, skin friendly ingredients. She offers a variety of unique spa and gift sets, soaps, lotions, salts, balms and more.

A drawing of a dog laying down and looking to the viewers right. It has a detailed bandana around it's neck.

3. Gift Certificate For A Custom Portrait

Handmade in Montana, USA
by Elaine Fraticelli

A Custom Portrait Certificate will be mailed to you in gift wrapping that details who the gift is for, who it’s from, and up to how many people can be included in the portrait. The certificate is redeemable by the chosen recipient anytime and in 1-2 weeks, your loved one will receive a remarkable graphite pencil drawing from their personal photos.

A hand is wearing a copper bracelet. The bracelet has intricate swirling wraps of copper around the outside.

4. A Swirl Cuff Bracelet For Anyone

Handmade by Loria at Chaddon

Find meaning in these labyrinthine swirls. This bracelet can be made with a variety of metal colors and types, as well as sized to fit adults or children. The ends of the cuff can be finished off in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

On a wall in front of a wooden shelf, there is a black and white topographic map with text underneath that reads "Yellowstone National Park" in a black frame.

5. A National Park Topographic Print

Handmade in Washington, USA
by Elissa at Topographia Design

Inspire memories of your loved ones favorite places by gifting them one of our fine art prints, ready to hang on your wall. Available in matte heavyweight fine art paper or framed canvas. Make them even more meaningful with customization options including text and color options.

An intersectional holiday greeting card with a bare tree filled with multi colored birds and the title Decorating for the Holidays

6. Heartfelt Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade in Oregon, USA
by Jessica Schaffer at The Chrysalis Imagery

Cards can always say what you mean in a beautifully artistic way. Jessica creates compassionately candid greeting cards that celebrate the complexity of our humanness through authentic messages of validation and encouragement. Real messages for real people going through real things.

The Artisans Cooperative Logo with Brook the Chicken Mascot

7. An Artisans Cooperative Shop Gift Card

Gift your loved one with a gift card redeemable with any of our handmade Artisans on Artisans Cooperative! With over 60 Founding Artisans and 80 Founding Supporters there’s always something new here.

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