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5 Handmade Gifts for Self Love

Photograph of "Lakes aren't always blue" self compassion handmade zine

Spring time can bring motivation and renewal, but it can also bring stress. These 5 handmade gifts are all about compassion and self love. Treat yourself or give them to a friend who could use a reminder to be kind to themselves.



Take a second to take care of yourself! These tiny self published zines feature beautiful hand drawn illustrations and reminders that you can do this. Perfect for keeping in your bag or bedside table for when you need a little boost of positivity. 


Picture of reddish brown handmade pottery mug with handle on white background.
Image Provided by Stella NC Works

A warm drink is a fantastic way to unwind. This handmade mug’s earthy colors and comfortable handle are calm and cozy. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and will accompany you as you relax with a nice cup of your favorite drink.


Reflect on how you are enough with this handmade message mirror. It comes in multiple sizes and can be personalized with different messages of self love. Hang this mirror in your home as a present to yourself or gift it to a friend. Look at your reflection and be kind to yourself!


Picture of hot and cold pack with green leaf design. The pack is sitting on a wooden table.
Image Provided by Bevz Bagz

Help relieve soreness with these handmade Hot-Cold Packs. A wide variety of designs are offered to fit whatever style suits you best. These packs are great for many physical ailments or for cozying up with on a cold night.

Craft or DIY

Craft or DIY is a queer owned business that offers handmade zines, pin-back buttons, stickers, and prints. Their work focuses on themes of mental health, activism, emotional intimacy, nature, & DIY music.

Stella NC Works

Stella NC Works is a veteran owned pottery business. They make pottery focused on the connection between people and practical art. They offer mugs, bowls, pins, and other handmade pottery.

The Beat In Between

The Beat in Between is a business that offers radical queer things and everything in between. Their work includes textiles, prints, zines, and custom mirrors.

Bevz Bagz

Bevz Bagz offers high quality, handmade hot-cold packs with removable, washable covers.

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