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Promoting Artisans With the “Buy Handmade” Campaign

Man in a green wool sweater holding a small gift wrapped in a red ribbon in his hands. His hands make a heart shape from the palms meeting and the fingers overdressed.

UPDATED 10/14/2023.

Artisan Cooperative wants to help artisans today by promoting their products and websites while we develop our co-op marketplace. We want to support our artisans any way we can! 

The “Buy Handmade” campaign supports artisans with a marketing campaign of blog posts, gift guides, artisan features, social media posts, an artisan directory, and email campaigns.

Gift guides will be written for the recipient for year-round appeal (for example: for dads, for knitters, for nature-lovers…)

This marketing campaign is a free service to our registered artisan businesses in support of our mission.

ARTISANS: To join the campaign (free): Become a member shop or join the Artisan Co-op waitlist (free) by filling out our Interest Survey (if you haven’t already). Give us permission in the waitlist form to market your products so we can add to our social media rotation.  Then:

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