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Get Involved: Join the Organizing Team

Brook the Artisans Cooperative chicken mascot is waving to a group of volunteer birds, including another chick, a goose, and a blue jay raising its wing

Updated 5/23/23.

Cooperatives are democratic businesses that can compete in this hard world because of our special advantage: people power. Rather than relying on venture capital or investors who would own and control our cooperative business, we instead rely on each other. 

In this cooperative spirit of self-help and self-reliance, we need you to join our all-volunteer team to lift the co-op off the ground. The active involvement of engaged stewards can make-or-break the successful launch of an online cooperative.

Together, we will bring a needed service for both artisans and customers that puts food on family tables and art in the hands of all. We want to build a handmade marketplace that is more accessible and fair.

About Our Team

Our work is currently organized into six “teams” that have team leaders, who are all members of a lead organizing board. We have a flat organizational structure and aspire to be a “teal organization” committed to self-organization and self-management. Our organizers make decisions by the advice process. We cultivate a culture of mutual respect and integrity.

In our new Volunteer Sign-up Form, you can join the teams to stay up-to-date and available to advise and support that work area:

  • Business and Governance
  • Communications
  • Grassroots
  • Social Media
  • Tech
  • Visual Design

The form also lists currently open “jobs”: these are specific tasks within the team. These jobs need an enthusiastic and self-directed point person to manage the task and work with the team.

We need everyone on our team to be committed, responsive, accountable, curious, and sharing.

Our team is geographically diverse and distributed around the world. We self-direct and self-manage our work in a team that offers mutual respect and trust. We currently communicate by email, Discord chat and video/voice, and Asana task management.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We believe there is strength in diversity, and welcome people of all skills, abilities, and backgrounds that are excited about this co-op to join us.

Accessibility is of top importance to the lead organizers, the co-op and the marketplace.

Join the Team

What excites you most about the co-op? What are you most eager to work on? We want to match your passions and skills with the work that needs doing.

In our volunteer survey, we list “teams” to join and open “jobs” that need help. If you have skills or interest in any of these, please indicate your interest. 

This form is not a firm commitment: the team leader will follow up with you to discuss more information and options. 

If you’d like to discuss with us first, contact us anytime at or join our Discord server for real-time chats.

Hand-drawn graphic with the title, The Round Table. It is a circle with a series of small circles, like chairs around a table, outlining areas of responsibility in a cooperative, from membership to marketing to administration.
Early conceptual drawing of the Artisans Cooperative organizing team: a round table with a “pearl necklace” of team leads.

About Artisans Cooperative

We are growing an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives: a co-op alternative to Etsy.
Shop the marketplace!

4 thoughts on “Get Involved: Join the Organizing Team”

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  2. I was one of the first 100 on Etsy until they suspended my account due to owing them .20 cents.

    I also have purchase from many different sellers on Etsy, making them successful, with the payback being higher fees, many rules, low-er guidelines for quality of items sold, & a corporate style platform that seems more interested in profits over people.

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