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Items Needed for Mutual Aid Fundraiser

Leather Ornament Hanging from Tree with Artisans Cooperative Logo

UPDATED 8/11/2023.

Artisans Cooperative is expanding its Mutual Aid Fundraiser with the launch of the Phase I Beta Marketplace! The Phase I Marketplace is our pilot marketplace filled with co-op themed fundraiser items from our artisans. This makes the co-op website shoppable for testing out order and payment processes, raises money for the co-op, and makes sales for our member artisans: it’s a win-win-win!

Unlike traditional fundraisers, our Mutual Aid Fundraiser was designed by and for artisans. We are NOT asking artisans for freebies, or to donate their time and materials. We respect the cost of your time and materials and want to use this as a mutual-aid opportunity to promote your business. Artisans decide the donation amount.

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Water Bottle with a Hand Knit Cozy Featuring the Artisans Cooperative Logo Stitched Into the Knitting Pattern

How It Works

Phase I Beta Marketplace

Access to the Phase 1 Beta Marketplace is for member artisans only. These artisans will be the first ones registered on our site and get to participate in user feedback and improvement behind the scenes as we prepare for our Phase 2 Marketplace.

All co-op fundraiser items must have a co-op theme. More on that below.

Self-Hosted Fundraisers

Non-member artisans can self-host fundraiser items and get a link to their item in the Fundraiser post. Before the launch of our marketplace, all fundraiser were items were self-hosted by artisans on their own websites and marketplace stores (including Etsy!).

Although we’ve moved the focus to the co-op’s marketplace website, if you want to self-host a fundraiser item on your own site, you’re welcome to do so, for your audience and customers.

If you do so, you then donate the fundraised amount to the co-op via our PayPal or Ko-fi after the sale. Donations are counted as cash points for members if you use your membership ID as the donation email address ($1 : 1 point).

1" Button with the Artisans Cooperative Chicken Mascot in a Woman's Hand Against a Fabric Backdrop for an Artist Fundraiser

What to Sell 

Fundraiser items should relate to Artisans Cooperative in some way. We suggest creating special, limited-edition versions of items that use our fabulous chicken motif, logo, branding, or color palette. Logos and brand kit available here.

Looking for ideas or collaborations with other artisans? Join our Discord and go to the #help-the-coop channel. 

How to Join the Fundraiser

Cute digital wallpaper in sunset orange colors illustration of a chicken eating too much candy, with a proprietary title on top that says Digital Wallpaper illustrated by Tired Fox

About Our Fundraiser

Stage 1 of our Funding Plan is to raise donations. Donations are covering our basic costs of running the website: mostly software like email programs, social media scheduling apps, graphic design tools, etc. Every little bit helps!

We are accepting donations in four locations:

  • A Mutual Aid Fundraiser of artisan goods currently hosted on artisan’s sites and the Phase I Beta Marketplace
  • A donation “tip jar” during guest checkout on our Phase I Beta Marketplace
  • A community fundraiser on Ko-fi.
  • A cash donations page on Paypal, contribute any amount

NOTE: We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations may not be tax-deductible. Ask your accountant for advice. We are a cooperative corporation and will be filing as an S-Corp with the IRS during tax time. Funds will be used to pay for start-up costs — including marketing and website development — and eventually for staff, as we ramp up our revenue. 

Leather Luggage Tag with the Artisans Cooperative Logo debossed into the leather (stamped in). Has a brass ball chain and is attached to an orange luggage bag.

What do you think about this idea? Do you have any questions? Email us or share in the comments below!

About Artisans Cooperative

We are growing an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives: a co-op alternative to Etsy.
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