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Shop the Cooperative Fundraiser

Two handmade pottery mugs made from stoneware. One mug is white speckled and the other is an off-white with a black line glaze. The dish is full color painted glaze. All feature the Artisans Cooperative logo chicken mascot

Artisans Cooperative has designed a unique, mutual-aid fundraiser that accomplishes three of our goals at once:

  • Fundraiser sales commissions help us pay for the marketplace while respecting the time and material costs that artisans put into the fundraiser items
  • Fundraiser items promote the work of our incredible artisans
  • Sales of fundraiser items allow us to test our new marketplace technology in a small, controlled pilot test called our Phase I Beta launch

NOTE: We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations may not be tax-deductible. Ask your accountant for advice. We are a cooperative corporation and will be filing as an S-Corp with the IRS during tax time. Funds will be used to pay for start-up costs — including marketing and website development — and eventually for staff, as we ramp up our revenue. 


We’ve asked artisans to design handmade goods as special, limited-edition versions of their craft. The items must relate to the co-op in some way, such as using our fabulous chicken motif, logo, or color palette.

Don’t worry, this isn’t “for exposure”– we respect the cost of artisan labor and materials. We’ve asked artisans to decide for themselves how much to donate and how much to keep from each sale.

SHOP the Fundraiser

Shopping the fundraiser is as easy as visiting the Coop’s website! Go to and filter by the production called “Fundraiser” for the latest selection.

Deprecated: Self-hosted Fundraiser October 2022 – July 2023

Before the launch of our Phase I Beta Marketplace, artisans self-hosted the fundraiser items on their own sites and marketplaces, including Etsy. Below is the archive of self-hosted fundraiser items.

In alphabetical order. Click on any link to jump to item:

Cross-Stitch Pattern £5.00

  • Hosted by Raeyn’s Rarefied Things:
    All over the place, Out of the everywhere. Knitter, blogger, gamer, snarkbot, and so forth. 
  • Shop now at
    – Digital download
    – The pattern is designed for 150×150 stitches on 14-count Aida cloth (which is 10.7 inches, though with margins, one would want a piece of cloth at least 15-16 inches square).
Cross-stitch pattern of Brook the Artisans Cooperative chicken mascot on a sky blue background square

Earrings in Co-op Colors $10-$12

  • Hosted by Eclectic Design Choices
    Artisan Cathy has been selling her jewelry creations and photographic art images since 2009. Her hand crafted jewelry and accessories contain an eclectic range of materials including gemstones, crystal, glass, brass, repurposed materials, wood, freshwater pearls, and feathers. She is also a member of the Botanical Art Collective of North Central Texas and her photographic art has been selected to hang in several juried shows and has received awards. Read about her creative journey on her artisan bio.
  • Shop now at Eclectic Design Choices:
    – Two earring designs – stack and arabesque – featuring the Artisans Cooperative colors
    – All findings are stainless steel.
    – Ships to USA only
Two sets of earrings side-by-side in Artisans Cooperative colors of teal, blue, dark coral and off-white. One is arabesque style and the other is a stack of beads with a heart in the middle

Hand Embroidered Tote Bag $25

  • Hosted by Petits Morceaux:
    Petits Morceaux is the online home for Alyssa Penman’s handmade crafts. Specializing in fiber and paper creations, her favorite thing in the world is taking pieces of interesting leftovers and putting them together in unexpected ways. The ultimate goal is to make functional art for everyday life. Alyssa is joined occasionally by her mom Donna Penman, who upcycles vintage furniture and decor, and creates captivating boho soft goods. Based in the Pittsburgh PA region, Petits Morceaux supports direct action to bring power to the people. Co-ops are a vital part of that landscape and Artisans Cooperative is a radical step in the right direction.
  • Shop now at Petits Morceaux:
    • Hand-embroidered design patch sewn onto an unbleached cotton tote.
    • Patch edges will continue to fray with use as intended.
    • We source as many of our materials as possible from second-hand, remnant, or salvage sources. 
Hand embroidered Artisans Cooperative logo on a white tote bag displayed on a wood floor.

Hand-Dyed Wool $21

  • Hosted by Sycamore Fibers:
    Sycamore Fibers is a small-batch, hand dyed fiber shop focused on fine wools and fibers that are next-to-skin-soft. We create hand dyed fibers for spinners and felters, as well as hand spun or hand dyed yarns for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and fiber enthusiasts. 
  • Shop now at
    ~ 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool combed top. 4oz. braid. Micron count of 26 microns, so it is next to skin soft. The Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) breed of sheep is a longwool breed originating in England with fine, curly lustrous wool. Their fleece is quite soft with a long staple length. It is an absolute joy to spin and is perfect for new spinners.
    – This braid of fiber will felt or spin up beautifully, blending shades selected from the Artisans Co-op color palette.

Handthrown POTTERY: mug and dish $15-$35

  • Hosted by Stella NC Works:
    Stella NC Works is a woman-owned pottery studio in North Carolina.
  • Shop now at
    – Dish and mug designs, in stock and ready to ship.
    – Microwave and dishwasher safe with a food-safe glaze.
    – Each mug is hand thrown on the wheel out of stoneware clay, decorated and fired in-house
    – Small dishes are handbuilt, decorated and fired in-house
Two handmade pottery mugs made from stoneware. One mug is white speckled and the other is an off-white with a black line glaze. The dish is full color painted glaze. All feature the Artisans Cooperative logo chicken mascot


  • Hosted by Walnut Studiolo:
    Walnut Studiolo is a mom-and-pop leather shop on the Oregon Coast making handcrafted original designs from plastic-free quality natural materials.
  • Shop now at
    ~ Un-dyed, natural leather keepsake is inspired by the fun chicken branding of Artisans Cooperative. It is in the shape of an egg, with the co-op’s debossed logo centered like the yolk.
    ~ Includes a keychain-length brass ball chain for versatility: luggage identifier / bag tag, zipper pull or overhead attic / fan cord grabber, ornament, and more!
Leather Luggage Tag with the Artisans Cooperative Logo debossed into the leather (stamped in). Has a brass ball chain and is attached to an orange luggage bag.

“Maker” Sticker $3.50

  • Hosted by Laura Fisher:
    Laura Fisher creates abstracted landscapes with oil paint, working with both subtle and pronounced interplays of color. She constructs visual puzzles which challenge viewers to travel into and over and through enigmatic terrain. Her art practice uses this language of movement through the landscape to communicate the idea of harmony between seemingly disparate concepts.
  • Ms. Fisher holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. She resides and works in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Shop now at
    ~ This *limited edition*, premium weight, matte finish sticker features the Artisans Cooperative logo, an old school font, and a modern gradient. All sale proceeds go to the Artisans Cooperative!
    – The sticker is 3 inches wide, and about 1 1/2 inches high. It’s printed on a heavy-weight vinyl, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Image of a colorful sticker in the Artisans Cooperative brand colors in a rainbow from blue to teal to salmon with the word "Maker" underscored like a sports team logo and the chicken mascot

Raku Ceramic Chickens 25.00

  • Hosted by Drifting Spirits:
    Drifting Spirits (aka lily) offers handmade, raku ceramic sculptures based on Shinto, shamanism, and earthy spirituality. Playing with clay to save the world.
  • More fundraising items coming soon.
  • Shop now at
    ~ Limited edition, numbered, and cute ceramic chickens to celebrate the Co-op
    ~ Hand sculpted from stoneware clay and glazed with non-toxic, small-batch homemade glazes
    ~ Raku fired with natural wood shavings
    ~ All production is done in-house (apart from the raku, which has to happen outside in the garden!)
    ~ International shipping (from France)


  • Hosted by Atypically Artistic:
    Limited by a neurotypical world Miss Thera decided to break the mold and follow the winding path of what a creative business looks like, to her. As an artist with ADHD she created her shop, Atypically Artistic, to give a home to all of her eclectic small batch creations. No niche to be found – Just an ever-changing shop of filled with eclectic crafts and artwork.
  • More fundraising items coming soon.
  • Shop now at Atypically Artistic:
    ~ A handmade seed bead ring featuring the color palette of Artisans Cooperative brand (blue, teal, light yellow, peach and salmon)
    ~ Made with glass seed beads on a stretchy transparent cord
Seed Bead Ring in Artisans Cooperative Colors Shown on Finger of a Woman's Hand

Wood CoasterS $40CAD

  • Hosted by Fabrikisto:
    Based in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, Joe Federer says, “In 2012 I started making stuff for myself. Sometimes I make stuff for other people, which helps pay the shop bills. I do have an Etsy shop, although sales have been essentially absent. These days my work is mainly Space-themed artistic, which got me into the IAAA (International Association of Astronomical Artists) as a Journeyman member. My primary materials are wood, epoxy, and imagination.”
  • Shop now at
    ~ This set of 4 coasters is 2 x 100 mm and 2 x 80 mm diameter and 12 mm in height. They are made of Ash with a Livos Natural Oil finish, which is food-safe according to EU standards.
    ~ This is a limited edition.
    ~ Purchase is of 1 set of 4 coasters. Each is unique.
    ~ Sorry about the price, but shipping is expensive and I’m including shipping.

Stationery $5 – $15

  • Hosted by Pug and Paper:
    Pug and Paper is a handmade stationery shop aiming to bring a safe space for comfort and belonging to those who live with neurodivergencies. I create as my heart tells me and hope that others can feel the care and devotion put into each item.
  • Shop now at Pug and Paper:
    ~ A variety of stationery, including notebooks, notepads, and bookmarks.
    ~ Each item features Brook the chicken and the co-op colors.
    ~Handmade with care!

More Items Needed

Welcoming more artisans to our mutual-aid fundraiser.

Learn more in our blog post, Items Needed for Mutual Promotion Fundraiser.


SOLD OUT! Hand-Knit Coffee Sleeve

  • Hosted by Zonal from Ravelry
  • Sold out on eBay November 2022.
    • “Fly the coop, join the co-op!”
    • Welcome everyone!  This is a fundraiser listing for this handmade knit hot beverage travel sleeve with the Artisans Coop logo.
    • 100% of proceeds for this item will go to the Artisans Coop.

Do you knit? You can get the digital pattern on our Ko-fi page!

Water Bottle with a Hand Knit Cozy Featuring the Artisans Cooperative Logo Stitched Into the Knitting Pattern

SOLD OUT! buttons $3

  • Hosted by DavesDeadThings
  • Sold out January 2023.
    • This 1.25″ pinback button features an adorable chicken design and goes for a good cause – for each sale, half of the proceeds are donated to a co-op dedicated to building a creative marketplace for all. The chicken design featured on the pin is a play on the word co-op, which can be written as “coop” – hence the chicken theming!
    • Each pin comes on a small card for safe shipping and is handmade.
A pile of 1.25" Finback Buttons with the Artisans Cooperative Chicken Mascot in a Woman's Hand Against a Fabric Backdrop for an Artist Fundraiser on a Furry Rug

About Artisans Cooperative

We are growing an online handmade marketplace for an inclusive network of creatives: a co-op alternative to Etsy.
Shop the marketplace!

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