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Volunteers are needed to lift the cooperative off the ground. Shape the co-op’s policies and priorities from the ground up. Learn more about our organization in our blog post, Volunteers Needed.

  1. In our volunteer survey, we list “teams” to join and open “jobs” that need help. If you have skills or interest in any of these, please indicate your interest. This form is not a firm commitment: the team leader will follow up with you to discuss more information and options. 


2. Join us on Discord. Discord is a free voice and chat platform. On our server, we host regular “clubhouse” voice and video calls and have chat rooms for interacting with organizers, artisans, supporters, and partners. It’s a great place to meet people and find friends and we keep an updated #help-the-coop task room. There are a lot of new users on our Discord server and a welcome guide for new users. Join us!

Currently we are volunteer-run and operating on small donations. Donations help us pay for start-up expenses like domain hosting, email programs, and start-up clinics.

  • Shop the “Mutual Aid” Fundraiser: buy handmade items specially crafted by our artisans for the co-op.
  • Artisans: contribute to the “Mutual Aid” fundraiser by donating commissions on the sale of a special co-op themed item (a supported sale): Learn more.
  • Ko-fi: Help us reach our “Kickstarter”-like fundraiser start-up goal with subscriptions and digital rewards on Ko-fi
  • PayPal: Donate any amount

Spread the Word

#1: Help us get the word out!

Artisans Cooperative Hand-drawn Recruitment Flyer Hanging from a Message Board at People's Food Co-op in Portland Oregon

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