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Artisans Cooperative Blog Post Cover Image showing an up-cycled paper envelope

October 20 is National Reuse Day – Let’s Celebrate!

OK, so National Reuse Day isn’t the most festive day of the year–or even the month. Yet October 20, coming shortly before millions of Halloween costumes will be casually tossed in the garbage, is a good day to think about the things in our lives, and how, as artisans and buyers, we can give them a longer useful life.  

Halloween and Samhain pumpkin kami spirit raku sculpture

7 Handmade Gifts for Halloween

Gather ’round, goblins and ghouls! All creatures, supernatural or otherwise, are welcome this Spooky Season. These spooktacular handmade gifts include both tricks and treats to keep in your candy bucket or to share with your coven! Happy Halloween!

Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: NuanenOrúm

Tyler Drakonia has experience in a variety of mediums, such as acrylics and sewing, but is currently working as an apprentice goldsmith. In their shop, NuanenOrúm, you can find the jewelry that they make at the academy and in their spare time.

5 Handmade Gifts for Virgo Season

Find 6 handmade gifts for Virgo season with this guide of incredible handmade products from our Artisan-Members.

Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: Riverside Refuge Studios

Riverside Refuge Studios is a shop just getting started by Lee Cattarin and hir wife, Brooke. Lee is a hobbyist who dabbles in a variety of creative projects, from bookbinding to printmaking to embroidery, and any other craft ze can get hir hands on.

Photo of a toilet paper holder made from steel, with a dark thick wood shelf on top. A lit candle and soap dispenser sits on top of the shelf.

3 Handmade Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are all about celebrating new spaces and new beginnings. With this nifty handmade gift guide, you needn’t worry about showing up empty-handed!