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Artisans Profile Pride Month Feature: Riverside Refuge Studios

Riverside Refuge Studios is a shop just getting started by Lee Cattarin and hir wife, Brooke. Lee is a hobbyist who dabbles in a variety of creative projects, from bookbinding to printmaking to embroidery, and any other craft ze can get hir hands on.

Photo of a toilet paper holder made from steel, with a dark thick wood shelf on top. A lit candle and soap dispenser sits on top of the shelf.

3 Handmade Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are all about celebrating new spaces and new beginnings. With this nifty handmade gift guide, you needn’t worry about showing up empty-handed!

Photo of circular piece of wood with a black dog hand painted on it.

4 Handmade Gifts for Graduation

It is graduation season! After many years of dedicated studying, students are preparing to move onward, armed with the knowledge and experience that they learned in school. These four handmade gifts are perfect for the journeys that new graduates are about to embark on.

Header graphic of Artisans Cooperative Artisan Profile Dragontree Emporium with a picture of a young woman with pink glasses and a flower crown

Artisans Profile: DragonTree.Emporium

From our Artisan Profile series: featuring Dragontree.Emporium, a family shop run by Elizabeth Drachenström, who creates a variety of crochet and knit items.

cross-stitch pattern with potted plants that says I Kill Real Plants

Gift Guide for Lovers of The Needle Arts

For those who love fiber arts and the needle arts, we’ve got four authentic handmade items that they’ll be sure to love, for knitters, crocheters, stitchers, and quilters.