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Gift Guides

Photo of circular piece of wood with a black dog hand painted on it.

4 Handmade Gifts for Graduation

It is graduation season! After many years of dedicated studying, students are preparing to move onward, armed with the knowledge and experience that they learned in school. These four handmade gifts are perfect for the journeys that new graduates are about to embark on.

cross-stitch pattern with potted plants that says I Kill Real Plants

Gift Guide for Lovers of The Needle Arts

For those who love fiber arts and the needle arts, we’ve got four authentic handmade items that they’ll be sure to love, for knitters, crocheters, stitchers, and quilters.

Photograph of "Lakes aren't always blue" self compassion handmade zine

5 Handmade Gifts for Self Love

These 5 handmade gifts are all about compassion and self love. Treat yourself or give them to a friend who could use a reminder to be kind to themselves.

Tough-looking woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a duck canvas Carthartt like apron

4 Handmade Gifts for a Clean Start to Spring

The transition from winter to spring is associated with sweeping away the cobwebs, sloughing off the dead skins, and starting anew. Use this guide to inspire a clean start to your spring! Wash away the winter blues and shake off the seasonal affective disorder with items from makers in the Artisans Cooperative.

hand-crafted heart ring boxes by Al Ladd at Fine Edge Woodworking

4 Handmade Gifts for Couples

Celebrate your partnership with a special someone with a hand-crafted gift from a maker in the Artisans Cooperative.

5 Handmade Gifts for Nerds and Gamers

Check out these 5 geeky gift ideas for nerds and gamers, all crafted with care by makers in the Artisans Cooperative.

Leather wine bottle case on a cheese board on the Oregon Coast a romantic picnic for anniversary gifts

6 Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Anniversaries

Our 6 gift ideas for anniversaries, all handcrafted by artists and makers in the Artisans Cooperative, can help you on your way to picking the perfect gift for your soulmate.

Framed art print of an outdoor scene with a fall flower head leaning in the wind

5 Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Our gift guide for nature lovers and outdoorsy types features handcrafted goods celebrating nature and the outdoors